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Ultimate guide to chocolate tempering

Tempering chocolate might sound like a tricky and unnecessary step in a recipe, but with a SuperFast Thermapen it’s simple.

21st Aug 2016

Tempering chocolate might sound like a tricky and unnecessary step in a recipe, but with a SuperFast Thermapen® it’s simple.

Tempering of Chocolate using a SuperFast Thermapen®

Tempering is the process of heating chocolate up to a specific temperature (31-32ºC for dark chocolate, 30-31ºC for milk and 29-30ºC for white) and then cooling it down swiftly to 27ºC, to obtain a shiny, streak-free finish with a satisfying snap, in any shape you choose.

Why temper chocolate?

It’s a process that makes chocolate set properly, so that it’s smooth and shiny with a firm texture. If chocolate is just melted and cooled it can set with white streaks and can melt very easily.

How to temper chocolate? This Thermapen is your new best friend or now should be

1. Fill a saucepan with a couple inches of water and bring to a simmer over a medium low heat.

2. Place a bowl onto the pan, making sure its base doesn't come into contact with the water.

3. Place 3/4 of your finely chopped chocolate in the bowl. Stirring regularly, melt the chocolate until your Thermapen reads 55-58°C for dark chocolate or 45-50°C for milk and white chocolate.

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4. Remove the bowl from the heat and add the remaining 1/4 of your chocolate.

5. Stir vigorously until all the chocolate has melted and your Thermapen reads between 28-29°C for dark chocolate or 26-27°C for milk and white chocolate.

6. Place the bowl back on the heat and, whilst stirring, reheat it to 31-32°C for dark chocolate or 29-30°C for milk and white chocolate.

Thermapen Top Tips: 
  1. Take away the guessing game: By using a Thermapen thermometer, you don't need too worry about whether or not the meat you've cooked is done yet because you can just take it out unfold it, probe and read the temperature. It's very accurate and extremely fast!
  1. It's a loveable learning curve: Do you often wonder how to take the temperature of something, for example a burger or a loaf of bread, without it falling apart?! The handy guide that comes with the Thermapen® gives a good explanation of the best practices on how to take temperatures of meat, poultry and bread, so you know when you stop cooking.
  1. Lobsters : Best way to cook a lobster is to boil it in a pan for 12-15 minutes for 0.5kg lobster to 20-25 minutes for a 1-1.5 kg lobster. Test your lobster with Thermapen® and you can be sure it's cooked by testing the thickest part of the tail. Insert your Thermapen into the tail and when the meat reads 80°C, it’s done! Volia!
  1. Cheesecake time: Over bake or under bake, either way neither of those will create a good cheesecake. To get the perfect result you can use a Thermapen® to check the cake after 90 minutes. Keep cooking until the centre of the cheesecake gets to 65.5°C—at that point it should be perfectly baked, with a nut-brown surface and a beautifully creamy, soft centre.
  1. Pork panics: The most delicious, juicy pork is slightly pink and tender—if cooked to a safe temperature but find it's grey, leather or overcooked and thats not a winning meal. Use your Thermapen® to see when cooked pork is safe to eat. When the rested meat reads 63-65.5 degrees, you’re good to go!
  1. Tempering chocolate: The best of these ten reasons, we think you'd probably agree! Our tempering chocolate guide makes sure the chocolate sets properly, so you get a smooth, shiny, and firm texture. A Thermapen® thermometer makes this easy peasy.
  1. Roasting a turkey: Cooking your turkey with confidence - a tricky one? To tell if the bird is done, use a Thermapen inserted into the thickest part of the bird between the breast and thigh (without touching the bone), the temperature should read 74 °C. For more, see our Turkey Gooking Guide on this web site
    1. Making salted caramels: If you've got a sweet tooth and love a little bit of salt too you can enjoy some delicious salted caramels. And, yes, oh yes: you'll need a Thermapen® to make them to ensure the are finished looking like you bought them from a shop
    2. Safety first: Reheat with a doubt! Whether it's a casserole, soup or fish you don't need to play the guessing game when you’ve got a Thermapen® as it will help you avoid the bacterial 'danger zone'.
The SuperFast Thermapen is the UK’s number one selling food thermometer measuring temperature over the range of -49.9 to 299.9 °C.  Used by hundreds of thousands of cooks and barbeque enthusiasts worldwide, it offers a combination of speed, accuracy and convenience of use.

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