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Valentine's Day Cakes & Baking Recipes

13th Feb 2014

Want to bake some cupcakes or biscuits for Valentine's Day? Let's face it, everything is more romantic when you can eat it. That's just science. So we've rounded-up these adorable Valentine's Day cakes and baking recipes for you to make at home – once you've had a go at these recipes, don't forget to share your creations over on our Facebook page! Cute and fuzzy cake balls (picture above) from Hungry Happenings Aren't these adorable? They are made from grated coconut and you can give them all sorts of personalities, for an unusual Valentine's Day bake! sweetheart cake pops 458px Sweetheart cake pops from Huffington Post Simple little cake pops make special for Valentine's Day – pop these in a jam jar for your loved one to find when they get home from work. We love the idea. red velvet heart shaped macarons Gorgeous red velvet whoopie pies from Magnolia Bakery Yes. Yes please. That's all we have to say about these great looking heart-shaped treats! Valentines postcard biscuits Valentine's Day postcards from Domestic Sluttery Get stamping and writing with these unusual biscuits, then send your loved one an edible postcard to tell them how you feel! truffles red velvet2 Red velvet cake truffles from Baking Makes Things Better We thought we'd end with something a little bit sophisticated – try these flavoursome treats with a red velvet centre to melt the heart of the one you love. Scrummy.
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