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World's Grossest Cake made by students at the University of Nottingham

This is probably the world's grossest cake to look at, but this creation is actually an award-winner!

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28th Mar 2017

This is probably the world's most disgusting cake to look at, but this creation is actually an award-winner [caption id="attachment_12818" align="aligncenter" width="618"] Image: Nottingham Post[/caption]
This is a realistic interpretation in sponge and icing of a nasty canine infection of the uterus called Pyometra. Staff and students at the University of Nottingham's Sutton Bonington campus organised a "Cake-Off". It won the 'Science Meets Cake' category. It was made by vet students Chloe Bonsell, Annie Mulligan, Anna Burrows, Emma Lockwood, Caitlin Glover and was called 'Spay That Bitch'. Judges decided it was the "best decorated cake of the day - but too gross to eat." Team leader Anna Burrows said: "Our cake was really fun to make and we wanted to get it as realistic as possible. "We used a veterinary photograph of Pyometra as our inspiration, stuck our sponge shapes together with buttercream and covered it in fondant icing laced with red and blue food colouring to get the purply-brown colour of the organ." "We used lemon curd for the pus and to put a shine on the whole display, with coke-flavoured laces for the veins!"
Other winning cakes included a sugar-paste scene illustrating the provenance of a chicken dinner in the 'Farm to Fork' category; a hot dog cake with a chocolate dachshund as the sausage in the 'Vets in the Community' category; and a beautifully crafted 'The Arboretum Tree Walk' with chocolate trees and caramel crumb footpath in the Responsible Consumption and Production category. This year's 'Cake-Off' competition raised a record £800 for Vets in the Community, a Nottingham Vet School project which offers free pet care to homeless people in the community. This story first appeared on Nottingham Post
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