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Year 9 students produce impressive cakes

27th Jun 2017

A group of year 9 girls from a school in Wirral have produced some stunning cakes as part of their Cake Decoration Project.  Prenton High School for Girls run this project with year 9 students aged 13 to 14. The brief for the girls is to design and make a cake suitable for a celebration – the students then have to identify both a celebration and client for their cakes.
As part of their project the students then have to undertake research activities, make and freeze the base cakes, design their final idea, decorate their cake and they then evaluate them afterwards. The project is one of the most popular is probably the most popular Design Technology project in Key Stage 3 in the school.
Take a look at what some the girls have made...


Beth made this cake for her nephew’s birthday. The cake is meant to represent all Beth’s favourite books, growing up, which now she reads to her nephew. It included the “Very Hungry Caterpillar”, “The Wizard of Oz”, “The Cat in the Hat”, “My Happy”, “Stick Man” and “The Magic Dragon”.


Charlotte made this cake for her Grandparents’ wedding anniversary. This cake represents their garden and includes all the vegetables which they grow in it, the pond. On the side is even the red tractor they use to cut the grass.


Jess made this cake for a 9 year old daughter of a family friend, who is very fond of the “Tangled” Disney film. The yellow plaits round the cake are meant to represent the long golden hair and sun the personality of the princess.


Chocolate orange was the theme for this cake, with white chocolate buttercream and chocolate orange segments round the top.


Libby is very fond of the TV series “The Vampire Diaries”. She made this cake to appeal to girls of her age.


During cooking club Olivia made some marbled chocolate bark, which she enjoyed very much. She made some more for this project to produce the shards on top of her cake. It also has chocolate ganache drizzling over the edges so is for chocolate lovers everywhere!


Natasha wanted to try using black icing whilst still achieving a feminine cake. She achieved this with fondant flowers and gold shimmer.

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