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You won't BELIEVE these X-rated cakes actually exist

13th Feb 2019

You've never seen naughty, X-rated cakes quite like this...

First things first - these X-rated cake images aren't for everyone. If you don't want to see penises, vulvas and boobs, it might be time to click away to a nice rainbow cake or something... But for those of you that are here to stay, WELL don't we have a treat for you! Ahead of Valentine's Day, we've taken a look at the filthiest cakes around and - somehow - have compiled a top five for you all to enjoy. Best of luck, have those bars of soap primed for washing your eyes out, and don't say that we didn't warn you...

Vulva cupcakes by Wicked Goodies

Yep - these are exactly what the title say. Perfectly piped vulvas, topping cupcakes - complete with what looks like a jelly clitoris on a couple...

Shirt-bursting boob cake found on Pinterest

Probably perfect for a stag do, this boobilicious cake is just a little bit raunchy.

x-rated cakes, book cake

Full boxers cake found on Pinterest

We warned you! This cake teases at the hint of a six-pack, with a bit of a peeping surprise to boot...

x-rated Boxers cake

Penis and boxer biscuits by Squarespace

If the shirt-bursting boob cake is perfect for a stag do, these biscuits are perfect for a naughty hen party! Particular highlight: the delicately piped pubes.

x-rated penis biscuits

"Realistic" lady garden cake by

From here, things getting a little less Pinterest-filthy, and more plain dirty - just as a heads up. Our favourite thing about this cake - despite the pubes and, umm, generous vulva, has to be the 'Happy 45th Birthday'. Because what else would you like on your 45th birthday cake?!

x-rated vulva realistic cake


Excited hand-job cake by Erotic Cakes USA

We're just going to let this one speak for itself.

X-rated HAnd holding penis

If you got this far, well done. We applaud you... sort of. For more trend-based, far-less-filthy inspiration, be sure to take a look at our range of listicles here!

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