Published On: Tue, Jul 28th, 2020

Palette Knife Painted Cake

Palette Knife Painted Cake tutorial by Neetha Syam from Buttercream Petals Art School

Make your own Painted Cake using the below tutorial…

Painted Cake

You will need:

To decorate:

  • 15cm (6in) cake, finished in buttercream
  • uncoloured buttercream
  • gel colours of your choice: I used orange (Christmas Red and Yellow), yellow (Sunshine Yellow), olive green (Green and a drop of Ivory) and dark green (Blue and Sunshine Yellow), all by Wilton


  • piping bags
  • scissors
  • small palette knives
  • cocktail stick

Prepare a piping bag with green buttercream and cut a small hole at the end. Pipe strands of buttercream resembling the stems of a bouquet onto the cake.

With a small palette knife, scoop out a little buttercream in the desired colour (I used yellow) and paint narrow petals. You only need to apply very gentle pressure so you don’t upset the buttercream layer on which you are painting. Gentle and clean strokes are what we are aiming for and a good stable buttercream is key for this process.

Add more layers in a different colour – I used uncoloured buttercream. Finish off by putting a dot of buttercream in the middle of the flower (I used orange) and by piping details (I used green) in the middle.

Pipe more petals in various hues of yellow and orange around the main flower. You can pipe small white dots to define the middle of the flowers, if you like.

Paint leaves in the same manner, but use a cocktail stick to define the veins of the leaves.

Palette Knife Painted Cake

Finish off by piping more white dots scattered around the flowers and leaves, adding texture using cocktail sticks.

Painted Cake

As featured in April 2020 issue of Baking Heaven Magazine

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