Published On: Wed, May 22nd, 2019

Prehistoric party: dinosaur cupcake toppers

Any dino lover will be obsessed with this dinosaur cupcake toppers!

Cupcakes have never looked so terrifying (but cute)! Perfect for a little birthday party or celebration, these dinosaur cupcake toppers will go down a storm with dino-lovers of all ages.

Take a look at the tutorial below from Lakeland – and be sure to see the step-by-step images at the very bottom of the page. If you’d like to make the matching celebration cake, see the dinosaur birthday cake tutorial here. Enjoy!

dinosaur cupcake toppers

Tiny Triceratops cupcake toppers

Author Lakeland


To decorate:

  • sugarpaste: light green, green, black, white
  • edible glue


  • FMM Mix N Match Animal Face icing cutters
  • Rolling pin


  1. Dust your work area, then roll out dark green icing and cut out a circle for each head using the face side of the cutter.

  2. Cut out the snout using the face side and attach to the head with edible glue.

  3. Using lighter green icing, cut out the pieces for the frills using the ‘ear’ cutter – six for each head – and glue round the top edge of each head.

  4. For the eyes, use the smaller oval cutter and white icing.

  5. Make the pupils with black icing and the small round cutter.

  6. Use the ‘ear’ cutter to make the teeth, then shape the three horns out of white icing with your fingers and attach with glue.

dinosaur cupcake toppers step by step

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