Biscuits with Herbs & Spices

Shake up your palette and experiment with tasty flavour twists like matcha, lavender or cardamom!

Finished lavender biscuits

Lavender biscuits

Learn how to make pretty lavender biscuits.

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Traditional Gingerbread House

Start a new family tradition with this gorgeous gingerbread house tutorial!

Rhubarb and Ginger Heart Sandwich Biscuits

A yummy and quirky take on the classic sandwich biscuit. Recipe by pastry chef Simon Jenkins

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Sugar and Spice Easter Nest Biscuits

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Lavender Shortbread Recipe

This buttery lavender shortbread has a subtle fragrance. The coloured sugar turns them into pretty…

Matcha Green Tea and Rose Shortbread Notes

The delicate floral flavours and pretty pastels make these buttery green tea and rose shortbread…

Lebkuchen Hearts

Gorgeous smelling and tasting, these pretty Lebkuchen hearts biscuits make perfect tree decorations.…

Cardamom Crackers

These Cardamom Crackers are a delicious sweet biscuit to have with your afternoon cup of tea.