Chocolate Biscuits

You can’t beat a chocolate biscuit! Fill up your biscuit tin with these deliciously chocolatey treats.

Chocolate digestive biscuits
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Chocolate digestive biscuits

Ever fancied baking your own chocolate digestives? Make your own delicious biccies at home with this simple chocolate digestive biscuits recipe...

Mocha shortbread cookies

Mocha shortbread cookies

Love coffee? And chocolate? Find out how to make these tasty mocha shortbread cookies by Splenda®...…

chocolate orange cookies

Chocolate orange biscuits

Is there any better combination than chocolate and orange? Tuck into these tasty chocolate orange…

Chocolate mocha biscuits

A very simple recipe for lots of chocolate mocha biscuits A nice adult biscuit with the addition of…

Moomin Comfort Food - Little My's red velvets

Join the Moomin family in their latest adventure... baking!

Biscuit fries

Fun and quirky, these biscuit fries are a certain hit!

Chocolate biscuit necklaces

Beautifully decorative biscuit necklaces for any occasion, or just to wear around the house.

Chocolate pretzel biscuits

Chewy, crunchy and sweet- these biscuits have it all, including some chocolate sprinkles thrown in…

Chocolate pistachio biscotti biscuits

Take inspiration from the Italians with these traditional twice cooked pistachio biscotti biscuits.…

Millionaire's Shortbread Recipe

An easy recipe by Jacqui Kelly for delicious millionaire's shortbread every time.

Sugar and Spice Easter Nest Biscuits

These nest biscuits pack all the taste of Easter into a bite size treat with marzipan, chocolate and…

Strawberry and White Chocolate Woolly Hat…

Brr! It's so chilly outside. Stay at home, get baking and keep warm with this woolly hat recipe.

Lotus Biscoff rocky road

Biscoff flavoured rocky road bites with white chocolate, marshmallows and Lotus biscuits too!…

S’mores Style Dipping Jars

S’mores Style Dipping Jars with crunchy biscuit, fluffy marshmallow and delicious melted chocolate-…