Polenta Cakes

Made with polenta instead of flour, these foolproof cakes are wonderfully light with a satisfying texture.

Orange polenta cake

Make a delicious orange polenta cake this autumn, a perfect addition to any recipe book with simple step by step instructions!

Almond, polenta & orange blossom cake

Almond polenta & orange blossom cake

Gluten-free, aromatic, flourless and gorgeous! That's exactly what's on offer with this orange…

Apple polenta cake

We love the flavours and colours that make up this elegant bake from South African Fruit. It's a…

Gluten Free Lemon Polenta Cake Recipe

This tangy Lemon Polenta Cake is light and zesty and the perfect finish to your meal.

Lemon Polenta Cake

Lemon Cake, a delicious traditional cake. This tangy Lemon Polenta Cake by Dr. Oetker is light and…

Chocolate Orange Polenta Cake

Amazingly sweet chocolate orange polenta cake that tastes incredibly indulgent but actually only…

Riesling Cake

A beautiful citrus, fragrant and very moist Riesling cake that makes a stunning summery pudding.

Zesty Orange Polenta Cake

Give your dessert an Italian flavour with this moist, fruity and ever-so zesty polenta cake by Dr.…