Dog Cakes: Because They Truly Are A Man's Best Friend (Happy #NationalCookForYourPetsDay)

Happy #NationalCookForYourPetsDay

Image credit: Dog Cakes: Because They Truly Are A Man's Best Friend (Happy #NationalCookForYourPetsDay)

Happy #NationalCookForYourPetsDay (November 1st)- possibly the best day ever (for your pet pooches at least) as we've got the ultimate dog cakes recipe for them/you! This edible dog cake will have both you and your precious pet wagging your tails with delight, as it's simple and healthy, too. We don't recommend you try this edible dog cake yourself, however, as the main ingredient is rather meaty (not our usual taste, we can assure you).

You can find this recipe for dog cakes and many other healthy dog recipes in the book Dog Cookies by Martina Schöps (Hubble & Hattie). And if you're looking for recipes of the more human variety, don't forget to subscribe to CD&S magazine here so that you never miss an issue. Enjoy! 



● 400g (14oz) wholegrain spelt flour

● 200g (7oz) turkey or chicken liver

● 100g (4oz) chicken breast

● 150g (5oz) rolled oats

● 5 eggs

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● 250g (9oz) butter

● A little carrot juice

● 20g (½oz) baking powder

1. Wash the liver and chicken, pat dry with kitchen towel, and finely purée in a food processor.

2.Beat the butter until it’s fluffy, and then fold in the eggs. Stir in the liver and chicken. Next, mix in the flour and baking powder and, finally, stir in the carrot juice.

3. The mixture should have a slightly liquid consistency. If it’s too runny, add some more flour; if too firm, thin with either milk or carrot juice.

4. Grease a 26cm (10in) round cake tin, pour in the dough, and smooth flat.

5. Bake for 40–50 minutes in a preheated oven (fan-assisted oven 160ºC, conventional oven 180ºC). The cake can be stored in the fridge for two to three days, but ensure it’s at room temperature before serving. You could decorate it with some of your dog’s favourite treats, which can be stuck on with cream cheese.

Looking for the perfect 'pawty' playlist? Here are our suggestions, which are super fun to bake your dog cakes to!

● Florence & The Machine — ‘Dog Days Are Over’
● Elvis Presley — ‘Hound Dog’
● Baha Men — ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?’
● Kate Bush — ‘Hounds of Love’
● Shakira — ‘She Wolf’
● David Bowie — ‘Diamond Dogs’
● Donny Osmond — ‘Puppy Love’

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