Sweet Tart Recipes

With a medley of fillings to choose from, our ultimate collection of tarts will tempt you to make multiples.

Chocolate Tarts

The ultimate treat, a homemade chocolate tart is a special way to finish a three-course meal.

Tarts with Nuts & Spices

The welcome addition of nuts and spices takes these tasty tarts to a whole new level.

Toffee & Caramel Tarts

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a toffee apple tart, or why not try something different like a melktert?

Fruity Tarts

Fancy something fruity? Look no further than these tasty tarts, simply serve with cream or ice cream.

Citrus Tarts

Tartlette au citron
Zippy and zesty, these refreshing tarts are ideal for hot summer parties or after a heavy meal.

Berry Tarts

From a classic strawberry tart to gooseberry tart and everything in between, use up summer’s bounty wisely.