Sweets, Pastry & Pie Recipes

Craving croissants or partial to a pop tart? These irresistible treats are rewarding to make and share with loved ones.

Sweet Pastries

Danish pastries
Perfect your pastry making skills or use shop-bought pastry – we won’t judge, they’re delicious either way.

Sweet Pies

Cherry pie
The perfect weekend or rainy-day baking project, these pies are totally worth the effort.

Sweet Treats

Tuck into these tasty bite-sized treats, perfect for when you just fancy something sweet!

With Chocolate

From chocolate eclairs to pain au chocolate, these sweet treats will be a hit with any chocolate lover!

With Fruit

Classic apple pie
Rain or sunshine, these gorgeous sweets, pastries and pies will become a real family favourite.

With Berries

Bursting with beautiful berries, these inspiring recipe ideas are delicious served freshly baked.

With Nuts

These crowd pleasers are calling your name. Bake a batch and share with friends… if you can!

With Toffee & Caramel

Get your bake on, with treats such as chocolate caramel choux bites or pecan and caramel tassies.