Muesli Cake Topper Recipe

Trying to be healthier but want to keep it cakey? Then we've got a great Muesli cake recipe for you!

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We can all agree that, as cakers and bakers alike, we're stuck in an endless loop that goes something like this...

"Time to be healthy! Only green veg for me! NO MORE SUGAR!"


"I can't do this! I NEED SUGAR!"


"I need to be more healthy! NO MORE SUGAR!"

We can all relate to this... so, how about a compromise? You can be naughty and have your cake, but with a much healtheir (but still oh-so-delicious) topping to stop the constant battle between "I should eat this stick of celery" and "It's only ONE family-size cake to myself..."

These quick, easy and super tasty recipes combine popular flavours such as mango and raspberry with spiced additions such as chia seeds and pumpkin, to create delicious and healthy breakfast combinations for the whole family, as well as incredible crunchy toppings to pimp your bakes! Simply mix the ingredients in a Bacofoil® All Purpose Zipper Bag, ready to sprinkle on anything from cakes and muffins to cookies and traybakes!


You will need:

For the Muesli base:

300g whole jumbo oats
300g rolled/porridge oats
200g barley/wheat or spelt flakes
200g raisins
50g sliced almonds

For the Raspberry, Chia and Coconut Muesli:

9 or 10g tube-dried raspberry pieces (find in the baking aisle)
50g dried coconut flakes
50g chia seeds
50g dried cherries

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For the Mango, Pecan and Pumpkin Muesli:

100g dried mango, chopped
100g pecan nuts, whole or roughly chopped
100g pumpkin seeds

Equipment: Medium sized Bacofoil® All Purpose Zipper Bag


1 Simply place all the ingredients for the muesli base and any extras into a medium sized Bacofoil® All Purpose Zipper Bag. Zip to seal and give it a good shake.

2 Serve with cold or warm milk as a cereal or add to cake and muffins before baking, stir through cookie dough before baking or top cakes and tray bakes by sprinkling on top of buttercream or glace icing once cakes are cool.

3 Store in a cool dry place.

4 Decant a portion into a small Bacofoil® All Purpose Zipper Bag and take to work for breakfast. The secure zip closure will keep the muesli fresh and ensure no spillages. Enjoy!


muesli top cupcakes


For the perfect fruity feel to your cakes, bakes and more, any of the wonderful recipes above will help you make a delicious muesli cake to keep both your sugar demon and healthy angel happy!

And we've got more where that came from! As well as cake decorating and sugarcraft, we've got loads of recipes in every issue of the magazine (just like this muesli cake recipe) for you to enjoy! Simply follow this link to get your issue today!

Looking for something similar? How about a delighfully decedant Raspberry, Coconut and Banana Loaf (it's vegan, so you can pretend you're being healthy!).


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