Romantic Rocky Road

We've teamed up with our friends at Choccywoccydoodah to give you a free recipe to really indulge in this Valentine's Day.

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Love is in the air 🎵 doo-doo-do-doo-doo-do 🎵 

Now we've got a good old classic stuck in your head, it's time to get dancing in the kitchen! Indulge the senses this Valentine’s Day: Choccywoccydoodah style!

Our favourite chocolate cake bakers and dream makers have shared their delicious recipe, perfect for a Valentine's Day surprise. Or, perhaps spend the day with your other half, baking and making memories...

However you chose to spend it, this Valentine's Day treat is always a winner! 







Romantic Rocky Road

Leeanne: "It's perfectly acceptable to buy all of the ingredients to make this, if you don't have the time to make the individual elements. It's as quick and easy as you want to make it!"

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You will need:

chunks of honeycomb
coconut ice
milk chocolate
a baking tray lined with baking parchment


How to:

1 Melt a big bowl of milk chocolate slowly in the microwave.

2 Fill the bowl with all of the other ingredients.

3 Pour into the lined baking tray.

4 Pop into the fridge to set.

5 Enjoy true love; meant for sharing. 



Add any extra goodies that you fancy... wine gums, jelly beans, popping candy... you could put a whole sweet shop in there!



This recipe first appeared back in February 2017, which is still available in digital form here

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