Crusts: The Revised Edition

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Learn how to make perfectly baked breads, pies, pastries, pizza, and flatbreads.

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Crusts: The Revised Edition

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Crusts: The Revised Edition
Barbara Caracciolo
Cider Mill Press Book Publishers LLC

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This comprehensive guide takes you on a tour of artisanal baking. Learn how to make perfectly baked breads, pies, pastries, pizza, and flatbreads. From sourdough and yeast loaves exploring local and regional wheat varieties to sweet and savoury pies that utilize a range of flavour profiles, these recipes take a look at the contemporary and traditional influences that have informed breadmaking over the years. There are recipes for all levels, whether you're a beginner baker or a chef looking for new inspiration. In this beautiful collection you will find 300 easy-to-follow recipes reclaiming high-quality breads and doughs. Stunning original photography and illustrations that will inspire you to make these mouth-watering recipes. Insights and recipes from industry insiders. A complete breakdown on how to make your own fresh dough, bread, and pizza. - A fascinating history of baking around the world. This cookbook captures the spirit of baking and provides a detailed look into the diverse approaches and influences that have shaped the art over the centuries. Learn from the experts who have honed their craft into world-class breads and baked goods. Experiment with a variety of doughs and the delicious complexity of leavened bread. Master your own ferments and hone your technique. This collection gives you the confidence to tackle those specialty breads you've only dreamed of trying in your own kitchen.