Bake & Decorate - April 2022 Issue 119

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Available only in digital format. Welcome to the Spring issue of Baking Heaven, where we are showcasing all that is great about this season.

On Sale: 07/04/2022

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What's in this Issue?

Hello and welcome to the Easter issue of Baking Heaven! I love this time of year. Spring is in the air – the smell of cut grass is lovely, wild garlic is abundant, bluebells are popping out, we can get to wear shorts again and baking takes on a whole new agenda. Easter offers us so much in the kitchen and we've got a whole load of fantastic recipes for you to try out. From the traditional hot cross buns on page 10, to the adorable Easter
bunny and chick cupcakes on page 36, there is definitely something for everyone.

And our cake decorating school on page 69 has all the tips and tricks you need to make the most of these Easter delights, with a lesson on how to decorate seasonal biscuits, a blow-by-blow introduction to perfecting a drip cake and a simple guide to piping classic Easter cupcakes. (We'd love you to send us any pictures of your creations as we can't get enough of these stunning treats that Easter offers up).

As well as our regular recipes from Juliet Sear, this month she has also provided us with a go-to guide on baking essentials, ensuring you give yourselves the best chance to create those wonderful recipes you see, but can't always replicate. It's the little things that can often catch us out, but Juliet has a simple check list on page 76 where you can ensure your bakes stand the best chance of looking as good (if not better) as those that we fawn over through books and magazines.