Published On: Wed, Jul 24th, 2019

Top tips for baking in warm weather

Baking in warm weather can be a challenge, but these tips might help…

Did someone say heatwave?! While we’re all donning short sleeves and open-toed shoes, sitting out in the sun and generally loving life again, it’s no secret that baking in warm weather is a challenge, and can dramatically change the way that we bake – albeit temporarily.

Here, we’ve compiled all our best tips for baking in warmer weather, with the hopes that it’ll see you through a successful and delicious spring and summer!

Buttery dough-based recipes

Due to their high butter content, many dough-based treats can often struggle in the heat. The ambient warmth can begin to melt the butter, which can go on to affect the structure of your biscuits, pastry and cookies when baked.

Beat this by popping your dough in the fridge between batches, and handling it as little as possible. Basically, limit how much time the dough spends out of the oven as much as possible!

top tips for baking in the heat


Buttercream decoration

Similarly, the butter in buttercream can begin to melt in warm temperatures. Be sure to keep an eye on your icing as you make it, watching for any unexpected changes in consistency. You can store the buttercream in the fridge while you’re waiting to use it, but be sure to fold it every so often to keep it supple.

You could consider swapping out your buttercream for a different kind of icing, too. Marshmallow or cream cheese-based frostings can be good alternatives that aren’t as affected by the heat.

top tips for baking in the heat

Limit the oven use

On a hot day, the last thing you want is the oven pumping out excess heat into your home. Recipes that use the oven on a low-heat are the go-to this season. Meringue is a great option for this – not only can meringue creations look very impressive, they’re perfectly summery and refreshing when paired with fruit, coulis and cream.

top tips for baking in the heat

Or… just ditch the oven!

While we’re not recommending that you start baking biscuits on the parcel shelf of your car (even if it does feel hot enough now and again!), you could look to try some no-bake recipes. These don’t require the oven on at all, so you can reduce how much add air you’re pumping into your kitchen. Even a delicious, summery cheesecake can be made sans-oven!

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