Published On: Wed, May 22nd, 2019

Tulip fields cupcake toppers

Elegant, sophisticated and oh-so sweet, take a look at the tutorial for these tulip fields cupcake toppers here…

Whether you’re baking as a gift, for an afternoon tea or even just for a bake sale, these tulip fields cupcake toppers are certain to impress.

Designed by the wonderful Farley Berry of Lady Berry Cupcakes, the tutorial below makes it super-simple to create these professional-looking cupcakes at home. (Be sure to look at the bottom of the tutorial for step-by-step images to help you on your way.)

Tulip Fields cupcake toppers

Tulip fields cupcake toppers


To decorate:

  • cupcakes, coated in buttercream
  • sugarpaste: green, pink, blue
  • cornflour
  • edible dust: pink, green


  • water and paintbrush
  • cake smoother
  • basic toolkit
  • 8.5 cm cookie cutter
  • palette knives: mini and regular


  1. Roll out blue sugarpaste, then cut a straight-edged blue circle and lay it on top of the buttercream-covered cupcake. Smooth over the top with a cake smoother.

  2. Roll out 4 small balls of green sugarpaste into tubes for stems, then use a smoother to apply pressure for an even, delicate stem.

  3. Glue stems randomly on the bottom of the cupcake, then trim to the edge of the cupcake.

  4. Roll 4 more green balls of paste and roll into teardrops, then flatten, score down the centre with a palette knife and glue them in between the stems.

  5. Roll out 4 -5 smaller pink balls of paste and roll into bulbous teardrops. Glue on top of the stems, then score down the centre.

  6. Using edible dust, lightly dust the base of the leaves with green dust and then the tulips with pink dust, to finish.

Tulip fields cupcake topper 1

Tulip fields cupcake topper 1

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