Published On: Wed, May 8th, 2019

Uniporn: when unicorn cakes go wrong!

Ah, unicorn cakes – the most innocent bake of them all… right?

The magical creature trend is certainly still playing out, and the unicorn cake is a firm favourite with children across the country.

However, making unicorn cakes isn’t always as easy as it seems! A recent photo has appeared on Instagram, and depicts a great looking unicorn head with a suspicious golden horn…

Many highlighted how, erm, similar the horn looks in comparison to a penis, and once you’ve seen it we’re not sure it can be unseen!


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“My wife and I went to a child’s birthday party. The theme was ‘unicorns.’”

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Uniporn indeed! The best part of it all? It seems this is a common occurrence when it comes to unicorn cakes! Take a look below at some of the best accidentally-filthy – and downright hilarious – unicorn cakes that we’ve come across so far.

uniporn 1

Source: Pinterest

uniporn 2

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uniporn 3

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uniporn 4

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Don’t panic – it doesn’t have to be this way! Take a look here to find the best tutorials and recipes to ensure your unicorn cakes don’t end up this way..!

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