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Stylish Cupcake Toppers


To decorate

  • cupcake(s) to decorate
  • piping gel
  • copper powder
  • florist paste
  • sugarpaste
  • buttercream
  • edible pearls


  • 9cm (3.5in) round cutter
  • foam half ball
  • mesh stencil by Evil Cake Genius
  • sharp knife
  • offset spatula
  • apple storage tray


  1. Make the half sphere. Roll out the sugarpaste 2mm thick and cut out a 9cm (3.5in) circle with the cutter. Place the sugarpaste circle over a foam half ball and leave to set for 30 minutes.

    step 1
  2. Use the stencil. Work 50g (1┬żoz) of sugarpaste until soft with 25g (1oz) florist paste and roll out until it is paper thin. Combine 4 tbsp of royal icing with 2 tsp of piping gel, then add 1 tsp of copper powder. Place the mesh stencil onto the sugarpaste. Spread the copper mix with the offset spatula. Carefully pull the stencil off and leave it to dry for 5 minutes.

  3. Cut out and create the petals. Cut out the four petals with a sharp knife. Place the petals in the apple tray and leave them to dry for 30 minutes to create the curve in the petal.

  4. Apply the buttercream. Spread a generous amount of buttercream onto the cupcake and place the half dome sugarpaste on top. Add a small pea-sized amount of buttercream to the centre of the domed sugarpaste and place the petals one at a time.

    step 4
  5. Add the finishing touches. Once the four-petal flower is formed, use a dot of buttercream to fix four edible pearls in the centre of the flower. Congratulations! Your stylish cupcake is now complete.