Baking with kids: 5 easy ways to help maintain interest

The Craft Company is here with their top tips to help you maintain the interest (and your sanity!) when baking with kids. Don't miss their brilliant advice!

The Craft Company is here with their top tips to help you maintain the interest (and your sanity!) when baking with kids. It's over to Zoe Booth, The Craft Company...

Many of us turn to baking for escape or relaxation, but when the kids are involved it can be a whole different story in the kitchen. Whilst we obviously want to encourage a love of baking at a young age and develop their creativity, trying to juggle equipment, cake ingredients and a complicated recipe can see the kids losing interest and ourselves losing patience. So we’re here to share some Craft Company recommendations to help maintain the interest, (and your own sanity) when it comes to kids baking.
We suggest keeping it simple, at least to begin with if you’re not used to sharing the kitchen, and we’re not ashamed to say that sometimes, even a little bit of cheating is acceptable.

Tip 1 – you bake, let them decorate

Arguably the decorating is the most fun part for a child.  They can see instantly what they are creating, and they can choose and have control over how they want their final creation to look. There are lots of impactful finished decorations available to choose from, but you’ll have extra special success if you involve some familiar faces that the kids can relate to! These handmade decorations are a great option:
  • PAW Patrol remains a firm favourite in most households with kids under five years old so having Chase, Marshall, Skye and Rubble along is sure to rouse some excitement.
  • Who can resist the mischievous Minions? Great for big kids too, these cheerful cake decorations are certain to put smiles on faces.
  • How about adding some magic with a Harry Potter and Hogwarts theme? A favourite TV or movie character is always a popular theme for a party, so these are a great option for everyday baking as well as sprucing up a family celebration.
Handmade Harry Potter, Minions and Paw Patrol decorations

Tip 2 – choose reliable baking cases

Don’t be let down with flimsy baking cases. A collapsed cupcake can cause tears and tantrums in the kitchen and we all know that soggy cheeks and hands, as well as soggy bottoms, should be avoided at all costs for a successful bake! Again, we’re calling upon our furry friends to keep the peace with these colourful PAW Patrol baking cases. Premium, foil lined and strong enough to withstand some enthusiastic handling, these reliable greaseproof cases will help ensure an even bake. Also available is a Hogwarts themed pack, so fans of Harry Potter can conjure up a successful cupcake with reassuring ease. Paw Patrol baking cases

Tip 3 – entertain and educate

Baking is often called up as a boredom buster or a means of entertaining energetic little ones (and not so little ones, hello teenage daughter during months of lockdown – anyone relate?!). But it can also have great benefits for a child’s development such as:
  • relationship building
  • teaching patience
  • reading of recipes
  • weighing and measuring
  • understanding colours (our favourite!)
Colour Splash Gels are the ultimate, easy to use, rich and vibrant food colouring gels. A little goes a long way so you can achieve a range of hues from one tube alone.
With just three primary colours, you can easily experiment with colour mixing so they’re a great choice if you don’t want to splash out (no pun intended!) on the complete range.
If you do want to splash out there are 30 vibrant shades, and not just gels, but dusts, pens and paint options to complete the offering – check out the full range here. Colour Splash gels

Tip 4 – let them create!

Cutters are extremely child friendly but in the messy hands of an excitable small person, sometimes we’re left with a sense of wonder around exactly ‘what is that?’…and that's of course part of the joy of creativity! However, Cake Star Push Easy Cutters mean creating decorative letters, numbers and shapes for cakes has never been so simple, and accurate! Hugely popular and suitable for use with all sugar pastes, they have a special mechanism that helps neatly push the paste out of the cutter without distorting the shape. They're an ideal choice for cake decorators of all ages to personalise cakes and bakes. Cake cutters

Tip 5 – cheat (did we really say that out loud?)

Some proud, fastidious bakers amongst us may abhor the thought of cheating. I challenge the most patient of them to consider if this remains their opinion after 10 minutes with my niece in a kitchen (which was, only 9 minutes prior, an immaculate and orderly environment!). We’ve already advocated the use of a ready-made decoration, but when it comes to baking with kids, we’re a fan of a cake mix too. So much so, that we created our own! Made in the UK, our high-quality cake mixes only require you to add water and a little oil. There's no need for eggs which means you can still undertake a baking session with minimal warning or preparation. They deliver delicious results and are available in four family friendly flavours: Carrot Cake, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Flavour Fudge Brownie and Strawberries & Cream. Easy and yummy!

And finally, not so much a tip for baking with kids, but baking for kids…

We understand that your secret recipe signature bake beats a supermarket bought cake any day, but chances are your child wants their favourite TV or movie character on their birthday cake, right? Give in to a ready-made finished option? No way! Decorate your delicious cake with an exceptionally high-quality Edible Image® to give a themed supermarket bought option a run for its money any day of the week, but especially on their birthday! Rainbow trolls cake About Us Be it baking with kids, for kids or without kids at all, The Craft Company is one of the UK's leading online suppliers of cake decorating and sugarcraft supplies. Our website stocks thousands of products from top brands such as Renshaw, Culpitt, FMM, Katy Sue Designs, Saracino and more. Whether you're a home baker, or expert cake maker, The Craft Company is here to help you create cakes for every day and any occasion.

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