4 ways to make glitter you can eat

Baking with glitter is super fun! Here are four ways to spruce up your desserts! 

Baking with glitter is super fun! Here are four ways to spruce up your desserts! 


Whether you are gifting, baking for the family or bringing desserts to a party, there are several ways to dress those treats up -- glitter! You can purchase glitter dust at a store, but it can get expensive and may even contain toxic chemicals.

That's why Shari's Berries decided to make and photograph four types of glitter that you can actually eat! Each method can easily be made at home. Since they don't all have the same shimmer or take the same amount of time to make, you can pick and choose which is best for your homemade treats (and schedule!). Have fun trying them all out and getting sparkly!

Glitter 101

Raw sugar glitter, gelatin glitter, gum arabic glitter and tylose powder glitter. Edible glitter is simple to make, but for some methods, you’ll have to wait longer for it to bake or dry. If you want something quick, raw sugar is the way to go. For extra shimmer, try the gelatin or tylose powder methods. headerv3-1

Gelatin Glitter

Gelatin is mainly used as a thickener to sauces or desserts such as panna cotta. The main thing to remember about working with gelatin is don’t let it overheat. If you do, you’ll end up with a clumpy mess (believe us, we learned the hard way). While this makes beautiful glitter you can eat, it also has the longest wait time: a total of about 7 hours. You can reduce this time by putting the sheets of gelatin near a fan so that they dry a little faster. gelatinv2

Gum Arabic Glitter

Gum arabic has the properties of a glue or binder. It’s used in baking as a thickening agent in icings and fillings. Our experience with gum arabic glitter was quite fun. We learned that it picks up color well, so a little coloring goes a long way. Be sure to let the pieces cool when you take them out of the oven. After that, it’s easy to use your hands to break up the pieces. Gum arabic glitter took us a total of about 15 minutes to make. It works great with small baked goods such as cupcakes or cookies.   gum-arabicv2

Raw Sugar Glitter

You can also make glitter with cane sugar. Raw sugar creates a shinier glitter with more glimmer because the sugar particles are thicker. The only downside is the slight brown tone. Keep that in mind when adding colouring. However, this method was the easiest to make. Baking allows the color to settle without staining, but if you’re in a rush, you can get a similar shimmer without baking. This method took a mere 7 minutes with baking. raw-sugarv2

Tylose Powder Glitter

Tylose powder helps make fondant a bit easier to work with and can be mixed with water to make glue you can eat. One thing to note is that regardless of how well you mix, you’ll still have tylose powder chunks in your mixture. This is perfectly normal and will still give you great results. Tylose powder glitter takes about an hour and a half to make. But keep an eye your batch as all ovens are different. tylose-powderv2
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