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Baking isn't seen as the most innovative of things to do, but the ‘mash-up’ has put paid to all that. Sophie Victoria Cupcakes is your guide to the cronut..

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Baking hasn’t always been seen as the most innovative of things to do, but the ‘mash-up’ has put paid to all that. Sophie Turnham from Sophie Victoria Cupcakes is your guide to the wonderful world of the cronut, the duffin and the brookie – prepare to be mouthwatered...     Ever since the cupcake rose to the height of baking fashion in the early 2000s (yes, that’s a whopping 15 years ago), people have been waiting for the next ‘big thing’ to come along and for the cupcake craze to fade. Now, we’re not suggesting for a second that cupcakes are about to take a back seat on the baking bench, but there is something new on the scene. Something that’s such an innovative and inspirational concept – baking mash-ups. A baking mash-up is the coming together of two desserts as one – which as far as I’m concerned is pure genius. Flavours and textures that wouldn’t usually be put together suddenly are and complement each other so well. The truth is, why limit yourself to just one dessert when you can experience two in one delicious mouthful? There’s no need to be spoilt for choice anymore, we can literally have our cake and eat it too! We have been experimenting with flavours in our cakes and cupcakes for many years, but baking mash-ups take this one step further and open a whole new oven door. So here is our top five must-make mash-ups! • THE DUFFIN - The two classics, doughnuts and muffins together as on. Baked like a muffin, but with a hint of nutmeg and filled with raspberry jam, then rolled in sugar like a doughnut - best eaten warm out of the oven - oh, go on, if we must! • THE BROOKIE - The coming together of the mighty brownie and the cookie. Simple to make too - just make a batch of cookie dough and a batch of brownie mix and add them together. The two textures are just irresistible together and make the perfect sweet treat. • THE CRONUT - (See above photo) The partnership of the croissant and donut. This delicious pastry came about in a New York bakery and is filled with custard and glazed just like a doughnut...a truly unique invention that's hopefully here to stay! • CHOWNIES - Cheesecake and brownies, now you’re talking! Although these may be less renowned than the other mash-ups, with the rich chocolate brownie exterior and the creamy cheesecake centre, these are sure to get your mouth watering (if it isn’t already). • SCONUTS - Scones and donuts, instead of being baked like normal scones, these little bites of heaven are fried like a donut. Fluffy on the inside but crisp on the outside, perfection. So how did this new baking trend come about? It seems independent bakeries around the world have been experimenting with this phenomenon over the last few years. The first duffin was baked back in 2011 in the London tearooms – Bea’s of Bloomsbury. Since then everyone wants a slice of the action. In fact, when a large coffeehouse company starting selling the duffin there was a debate over who had the rights to this delicious dessert and in particular the witty name that came with it. It caused quite a stir. The cronut on the other hand was invented by American chef Dominique Ansel and trademarked by his bakery in New York back in 2013. A few days after the cronut first launched, there were queues of customers waiting outside at 6am and a news crew had camped out overnight. Something about this dessert had people going a bit cake crazy! It’s no surprise however that people got there early to make sure they got one of these scrummy pastries, because the total preparation and baking time takes three days! So, once they were sold out…they were sold out for the day. You see, the secret to getting the bake so perfect is all in the preparation. The dough once made needs a whole two days in the fridge to rest and the chocolate ganache needs to be made two days before being used. As the name is trademarked you can’t buy cronuts anywhere else, but lucky for us in the UK we have our own version, the dosant. They do look pretty amazing, and definitely a must try – but seeing as there are several bakeries in London that sell dosants, it’s up to you whether you buy one or spend three days in the kitchen on one monster of a mash-up! So how long will these beautiful baking mash-ups be around for? Like the cupcake, we think mash-ups will continue to be a massive trend in both 2015 and after. The cronuts and chownies may come and go, but the concept is here to stay. The idea of the mash-up is huge and can be interpreted in so many ways, the possibilities are endless. If cupcakes can appear in the early 2000s and still be just as (if not more) popular today, it’s a good sign that mash-ups could be here for good. If you’re in need of some more inspiration, take a look on twitter and search #bakingmashups – it’s trending with lots of us tweeting and wanting to share photos of our newest homemade goodies. Pinterest is also full of baking mash-up ideas and inspiration. There are already new mash-ups starting to appear, to name a few; muffles (muffins and waffles), macnuts (macarons and donut), townies (tarts and brownies) and even crookies (croissants and cookies). So get ready to see a whole lot of mashups and maybe even create some of your own...   About the author: Sophie Victoria Cupcakes is based in Hertfordshire and creates cupcakes for all occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers and much more. 

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