How to... Ice a Round Cake

The first step towards beautifully decorating any cake is to have a clean, smooth and flawless sugarpaste covering to work on. Learn how to ice a round cake

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 The Bath Cake Company show us how to get perfect covering results every time.

1 - Knead your sugarpaste so it is smooth and roll it out using icing sugar, so it doesn't stick to your surface. Roll it out on a flat surface using spacers to ensure your sugarpaste is the same thickness.


2 - Once you have rolled it out into a large enough circle to cover your cake, fold half of your sugarpaste over your rolling pin so you can easily lift it onto your cake.


3 - Drape your icing over the cake and rub your hand over the top to make sure there is no air trapped beneath.


4 - Once it is on the cake, gently smooth the sugarpaste with your hands. Working from the top to the bottom of the cake, being careful not to drag it down and cause the icing to stretch along the top edge. Keep lifting your sugarpaste out to avoid any creases forming, and continue to gently smooth with your hands.

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5 - Use a smoother to create a smooth finish on the cake.


6 - Cut off the excess sugarpaste at the bottom of the cake with a palette knife, and smooth again with the smoother for a beautifully finished cake.




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