Moody Blues Airbrushed Cake Tutorial by Lisa Munro – Part Three

  Congratulations – you’re so close to finishing your Moody Blues Airbrush cake from the The Airbrush Company now! Here we look at the last steps in creating your edible masterpiece – airbrushing the dragonflies and butterflies. ombre decorating tutorial Step 21: Starting with the dragonflies, add a few drops of Metallic Silver to the airbrush and spray over the entire dragonfly – not forgetting the underneath. Spray through some airbrush cleaner after. ombre decorating tutorial Step 22: Add blue to the airbrush, position very close to the dragonfly and spray over the centre body, moving out slightly onto the wings – leave the tips of the wings silver. Spray some dragonflies lighter and some darker. Tip: The dragonflies and butterflies should vary in shade from light to dark so when positioned on the cake they match the Ombré fade e.g. darker blue dragonflies/butterflies at the bottom of the cake, fading to lighter blue dragonflies/butterflies at the top. ombre decorating tutorial Step 23: Change colours to blue/violet (mixed 50:50) and spray over just the body to deepen the colour, leaving some of the lighter blue showing and the tips of the wings in silver. Step 24: On the darkest dragonflies only (the ones that will be placed towards the bottom of the cake), touch in with Black just over the body to give a more realistic effect. Step 25: Repeat the last 2 steps for the butterflies (leaving out the first step of spraying them silver. Only the dragonflies need a metallic sparkle). Again, spray some lighter and some darker. ombre decorating tutorial Step 26: Attach the dragonflies and butterflies covering one side of the cake with edible glue. Stick the darker dragonflies/butterflies towards the bottom of the cake fading to lighter blue dragonflies/butterflies at the top. Tip: I found it’s best to apply the glue to the butterflies/dragonflies and leave for 5 minutes before attaching to the cake. You will need to hold each in place for a few seconds so it adheres to the cake. Step 27: Finish by adding one tiny light blue butterfly on top of the rose as if it’s landed there. ombre decorating tutorial

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