Christmas wreath wedding cake

This Christmas wreath cake by Marie's Bakehouse, decorated with foliage and berries is perfect for a festive winter wedding.

Brought to you by Marie McGrath from Marie's Bakehouse
This Christmas wreath cake decorated with foliage and berries is perfect for a festive winter wedding.

This cake by Marie McGrath from Marie's Bakehouse is ideal for a winter wedding!

You will need:

For the cake 

  • 10cm (4in) deep round cakes in sizes of 15cm (6in), 20cm (8in) and 25cm (10in)

To decorate

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  • buttercream/ganache
  • brown colouring paste or gel
  • cream/ivory colouring paste or gel
  • brown dusts in 2 shades
  • super white dust or a bright white dust such a snowdrift
  • sugarpaste in white, red, green, brown
  • clear alcohol or lemon juice
  • pale grey dust
  • edible pearl lustre spray
  • white vegetable fat


  • 30cm (12in) drum board
  • cream/ivory ribbon
  • dresden tool
  • star modelling tool
  • Karen Davies Rustic Birch mould
  • Karen Davies Winter Wreath Mould
  • knife
  • edible glue and paintbrush
  • large flat paintbrush
  • soft dusting brushes
  • large soft blusher type brush


  1. Split, fill and cover the 15cm (6in), 20cm (8in) and 25cm (10in) round cakes using buttercream and/or ganache. Cut a circle of paste to fit just bigger than the top of each cake. Stick each one to the top of the cakes and smooth the edges slightly down the side of each cake. Cover the board with paste and leave to dry (preferably cover the board ahead of time).
  2. Using a thin paintbrush and the brown colouring paste or gel mixed with a little bit of clear alcohol, paint circular lines around the edge of the circles to about 5cm (2in) in from the edge of the cakes. Let it dry slightly, then mix a very small amount of cream/ivory paste with clear alcohol to a watery consistency. Using the wide paintbrush, dab the excess colouring on a piece of kitchen towel and sweep the brush over the lines to smudge them a little, and to colour the white paste. Repeat for the outer edge of the covered drum board.
  3. Use the white paste and the Rustic Birch Mould to make the sides of the cakes. Roll out a piece of white paste to the size of the mould. Place it over the mould and roll over the top of it with a rolling pin to press it into the mould. Take it off the mould and trim the edges. Stick it to the side of the cake. Repeat until you have enough paste to wrap around the side of the cake. To join the sheets of paste together, either use some water or a little white vegetable fat to smooth the edges together. Use a dresden tool to add a few more lines around the paste where it might have lost definition when you were smoothing it on. Use the ‘scoop’ side of it to dig out a bit of paste for a realistic silver birch tree effect. Repeat for the other two tiers.

Fill in the details

  1. Using a soft brush and brown dusts, define some of the areas on the sides of the cake. Draw horizontal lines randomly around the tiers. Add a few vertical lines of a pale grey dust too. Mix a small amount of pale grey dust with white dust and use the large blusher type brush to dust over the top of the sides and top of each tier to mute the lines a little. Stack the tiers onto the drum board and add the ribbon around the edge of the drum board.

Make the foliage

  1. Using the green paste, make lots of branches of ferns from the Winter Wreath mould. Stick them in a circular fashion on the top tier, and round the bottom edges of all tiers. Let some of them fall down the sides of the tiers. Use the brown paste to make pine cones and stick them around the cake on top of the fern branches.

Make the berries

  1. Make the berries by rolling lots of red balls of paste and push the star modelling tool in one part of each berry. Stick them in groups of two, three or more, around and on top of the cake.
  2. Liberally spray the whole cake with the pearl lustre spray to give the cake a Christmassy shimmer. Do this in a well ventilated area, covering the surrounding area, or if you can, spray it outside. Otherwise you might end up with a very sparkly kitchen!

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