10 Creative Piping Methods

Here are 10 brilliant frosting techniques to try, go on give them a whirl and try something new to impress your family and friends.

Grab you piping bag and get some of these fantastic nozzles and impress everyone very quickly with these designs

Here are 10 brilliant frosting techniques to try, go on give them a whirl...

1. Classic Swirl - for this technique use a nozzle that has seven points in a star shape


2. Elegant Rose Swirl - use a six point closed star


3. Hydrangea - use seven pointed star nozzle, the Wilton 2D tip (a large closed star tip) was used here by Glorious Treats

4. Petals - to achieve the floral effect use a small petal nozzle or tip 125 from Wilton


5. Grass - inject some summer vibes into your cupcakes like Linette Barkley did here using a 10mm grass nozzle


6.  Ruffles - Hitched recommend this look for weddings as it's very elegant, use the Wilton Decorating Petal Icing Tip #104. The trick is to go up and down in a circular motion layering up on the previous ruffle, look at this video from Sprinkle Bakes for more help.

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7. Peaks - open star piping tip - Wilton tip 16 will work well for this look


8. Basketweave - this will achieve such a fun summery effect, the tip has an oval-shaped opening; one side is smooth, and the other side has sharp, tiny zigzag pattern.


9. Tulips - Nifty Nozzles have some excellent, easy to use piping nozzles to achieve this look


10. Fern Leaf - you can find this one at Nifty Nozzles too.


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