Bridgerton-inspired decorated fan cookies

Learn how to make these decorated fan sugar cookies in this tutorial by Jacqui Kelly, inspired by the popular TV series, Bridgerton...

Bridgerton-inspired decorated fan cookies Image credit: Jacqui Kelly
Brought to you by Jacqui Kelly from Totally Sugar

"For a wedding, liaise with the bride on the colour scheme and one accent colour so you can apply it to these treats!" – Jacqui Kelly

Love the regency style? Learn how to make more Bridgerton-inspired treats in the February 2022 issue of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft magazine!

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You will need


  • Portion of shortbread or sugar cookie dough
  • White sugarpaste (Renshaw)
  • Metallic light gold paint (Rainbow Dust)
  • Edible golden sands, peacock blue and petrol blue dusts (Rainbow Dust)
  • Edible glue
  • Lilac pro-gels (Rainbow Dust)


  • Small rolling pin
  • Set of circle pastry cutters
  • Small kitchen knife
  • Dusting and paintbrushes


Using a batch of sugar cookie or shortbread dough, roll out thinly and cut large circles from the circle cutter set using the fluted edge. Then with a sharp knife, divide each circle into three fan shapes.
Neaten the edges and pull down the tip with your finger. Place them on a cookie sheet and bake them off until golden brown. Cool on a wire rack.
Repeat the circle, cutting and dividing into three fan shapes but using white sugarpaste this time and a smaller size of cookie cutter. Attach the sugarpaste to the cookie with piping gel or jam/curd as ganache will make the cookies go soft.
Neaten the edges and indent each section of the fan – you could use the side of a scalpel or the edge of a ruler.
Dust the top edge and each section indent with a little gold dust and a soft brush.
Thinly roll out the regency blue flower modelling paste (create this shade by mixing petrol blue with a little peacock blue) and cut narrow stripes, leave them for a few mins to firm up then flip them over and cut ¾ depth into each one to create fringing. Add glue to the top edge and roll tightly to form little tassels.
Repeat the above step in the lilac paste . Glue the tassels in place and add some tiny blossoms. Dust the top edge and just above the tassels with blue dust and then paint on some highlights with the gold metallic paint.
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