How to make a sugarpaste crab cake topper

Learn how to model sugarpaste to create the perfect little cake topper for all your under the sea themed designs!

This little sugarpaste crab is so easy to make! Whether creating a tropical beach scene or traditional seaside, this cute little crab will look great on your finished cake! 

This crab can be made in advance or your cake taking the pressure off a little! Need to make him a buddy? When you've finished this tutorial, why not try making this adorable little sugarpaste octopus! or this sugarpaste seagull!

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You will need


  • White sugarpaste coloured with red, white and black
  • Edible glue


  • Mouth tool


To make the crab

Roll a smooth ball of red sugarpaste for the body and roll this slightly to make a short sausage. Roll eight small tapered sausages in red sugarpaste, six for legs at the sides of the body and two for a pair of legs at the back of the body. For this last set, bend the legs in towards each other. For the pincers, roll two tear drop shapes in red sugarpaste. Flatten them slightly, and bend them in towards each other. Cut a slit in each one at opposite sides. Open out the two sides. Sticj all the pieces underneath the fat sausage body.
To make the crab's eyes, roll two small balls of red sugarpaste, flattening one side of each. Roll two balls of white sugarpaste, which when flattened are the same size as the flattened side of the red balls. Stick the flat white circle to the flattened side of the red shape. Roll two tiny balls of black and stick these to the bottom edge of the white circle.
Stick the eyes close to each other on top of the crab's body. Add a smile using a mouth tool to finish.
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