How to model a corgi cake topper

Learn how to model a cute corgi cake topper in this step-by-step tutorial by Vicky Teather...

Corgi cake topper tutorial Image credit: Vicky Teather
Brought to you by Vicky Teather from Yellow Bee Sugar Art

Bursting with personality, this little corgi puppy cake topper makes an adorable addition to a canine-themed birthday or a fun addition to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee...

Follow the steps to see how you can model this little pup's face!

Tip! Cupcake toppers can be made in advance. Place the finished toppers inside a cardboard cake box to store them until ready. 

Preparation: Colour white modelling paste with the egg yellow gel colour. Roll the paste to 2mm thickness and cut out three circles with the 65mm circle cutter. Set the circles aside to set overnight.

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This project originally featured in the July 2021 issue of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft magazine. For the full tutorial with more pup-tacular characters, pick up your copy, or subscribe for year-round inspiration straight to your door or digital device!

You will need


  • 1x cupcake
  • Buttercream
  • Black and white modelling paste (Saracino)
  • Egg yellow and neon pink gel colours (Magic Colours)
  • Autumn leaf gel colour (SugarFlair)
  • Black and cream dust (SugarFlair)
  • Orange edible marker (Magic Colours)
  • White edible pen (Fractal Colours)
  • Clear alcohol


  • Rolling pin
  • 65mm circle cutter
  • Small and medium ball tools
  • Dresden tool
  • Rounded cone tool
  • Scriber needle modelling tool (PME)
  • Selection of paintbrushes


Colour 20g of white modelling paste with the autumn leaf paste colour. Roll 10g of the autumn leaf paste into an egg. Take 4g of white modelling paste and roll a cone from the opposite sides of the ball. Pinch and thin a small triangle from the ball with your fingers.
Attach the white paste to the wide end of the egg, with the thin triangle pointing upwards towards the narrow end of the egg.
Use your fingers to shape the middle of the white paste into a dome.
Press the large end of the medium ball tool into the paste on either side of the triangle. Use your fingers to smooth out the edges of the indents. Press the large end of the small ball tool into the indents to create the holes for the eyes.
Draw a line with the scriber tool coming from the tip of the dome and running diagonally towards the chin. Press the small end of the medium ball tool into the end of the line and pull in the same direction to open the mouth.
Fill the eye holes with two small balls of white modelling paste. Press the small end of the medium ball tool into the inner corner of each eye to create the holes for the pupils.
Fill the holes with two small balls of black modelling paste. Add a tapered sausage around the upper and outer edges of each eye. Fill the mouth with a small ball of black modelling paste and use the ball tool to fit into position. Add a small triangle of black paste for the nose. Add two small white balls to the eyes to act as highlights.
Roll 1g of autumn leaf modelling paste to a cone. Place the rounded cone onto the cone and press down. Shape the paste around the cone to create the ear. Repeat to create a second ear.
Attach the ears to the top of the head and use the Dresden tool to blend the paste to neaten the seam.
For the collar, colour 5g of white modelling paste with the neon pink gel colour and pink roll into a ball. Flatten between your fingers into a chunky disc shape. Trim away half of the circle. Mix the black dust colour and the clear alcohol to create a paint. Use the black paint to write ‘Kiss Me Quick’ along the side of the shape.
Roll 5g of autumn leaf paste into a ball and then glue to the bottom of the collar. Press the paste, so that the ball squashes into a sausage like shape. Glue the head to the collar. Roll 1.5g of white modelling paste into a teardrop. Attach to the body with the point facing down.
For the feet, take two 1g balls of autumn leaf modelling paste and lightly flatten between your fingers. Use the scriber tool to mark two deep lines along the side of the paste.
Glue in place on the front, bottom edge of the body. Add two long, thin cones of autumn leaf modelling paste inbetween the ears. Add two cones of modelling paste above the eyes to create the eyebrows.
Dust the inner ear, around the eyes, along the chin, under the collar and the toes and feet with the cream dust colour.
Dust around the upper edges of the eyes, the mouth and add whiskers with the black dust colour. Glue the model to one of the circles
Glue the model to the circle. Use the orange edible ink pen to draw ice creams, lollies, clouds and shapes onto the yellow circle.
Use the white edible ink pen to draw highlights onto the corgi's nose noses and tongues of. Spread buttercream onto your cupcake and place the toppers in position.

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