How to model a crown cake topper

Learn how to make a royal decoration fit for a queen with this crown cake topper tutorial by Vicky Teather, perfect atop cakesicles and cupcakes!

Crown topper on a cakesicle Image credit: Vicky Teather
Brought to you by Vicky Teather from Yellow Bee Sugar Art

Whether you're having a garden party, a BBQ or a street party this ornate topper is a definite winner!

This tutorial originally featured in the May 2022 issue of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft magazine – get your copy for the full tutorial showing you how to create royal-themed cakesicles and much more! 

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You will need


  • White modelling paste (Saracino)
  • Neon purple gel colour (Magic Colours)
  • Edible glue
  • Candy melt
  • Clear alcohol
  • Purple sheen lustre and sultan gold dust colours (Magic Colours)
  • Ready tempered isomalt (Squires Kitchen)
  • Metallic red food paint (Rainbow Dust)


  • Scriber needle
  • Dresden tool
  • Craft knife
  • Fine paintbrushes
  • Silicone mat
  • Silicone cupcake case or small measuring jug
  • Tweezers


Make the crown

Roll 5g of white modelling paste into a ball. Flatten into a chunky disc 8mm in depth. Trim the disc, so that around a third of the disc remains. Roll a fine sausage and glue around the base of the shape. Trim away the excess with a sharp knife.
Roll a thin sausage of white modelling paste. Use the scriber needle to mark small indents across the top of the sausage. Press the tool into the sides of the lines to create a beaded look.
Colour 5g of white modelling paste with the neon purple gel colour. Shape into a dome and trim away the bottom edge. Glue to the top of the disc from step 1. Use the wide end of the Dresden tool to mark creases and folds across the surface. Paint a little glue around the join between the disc and the neon purple paste and attach the beaded strip of paste. Use a craft knife to trim away the excess.
Roll out some white modelling paste thinly and cut out a small square. Cut the square into four triangles. Paint a little glue in the centre of the crown and place the four triangles, leaving a gap between them.
Roll six incredibly small balls of white modelling paste into cones. Glue together in two groups of three. Glue to the crown on either side of the triangles.
Roll a thin sausage of white modelling paste and flatten. Glue a short piece above the triangles and up towards the centre of the crown. Glue a longer piece to the sides of the crown, making sure the strip is coming away from the crown on the two upper corners. Add two small balls to the top of the crown.
Attach to your cakesicle or cupcake using a little melted candy melt. Attach the metallic red bead (see below on how to make this). Combine the clear alcohol with the purple sheen lustre to create a paint. Paint the purple section of the crown. Combine the sultan gold lustre dust with the clear alcohol. Paint the white sections of the crown.

Make the isomalt 'jewel'

The amount of isomalt you use depends on how many jewels you want and the sizes you want them to be. To make the small red bead for this tutorial, melt 5g of isomalt according to instructions and add the metallic red paint colour. Take care when working with isomalt as it reaches a very high temperature and will easily burn your skin – wear protective gloves if possible. Gently pour the melted isomalt from the silicone cupcake cake or measuring jug onto a silicone mat to create a small bead. Use a pair of tweezers to lift and place the bead onto the crown.

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