How to... make a Wizard Sugar Model

Bath Cake Company show us step-by-step how to make a wonderful wizard for your magical themed cakes.

Brought to you by Bath Cake Company
This sugar model wizard is perfect for any magical themed cakes you want to create.

Bath Cake Company show us step-by-step how to make a wonderful wizard!  

You will need:

To decorate:

  • petal glue
  • peach petal dust
  • modelling paste colours for the body, cape, beard, face and hands
  • Sugarflair liquorice paste colour
  • cornflour


  • small round cake card
  • bone, wheel, cone and dresden tools
  • 2x paintbrushes (one for the petal glue and one for the petal dust)
  • small rolling pin
  • small scissors
  • dry spaghetti


  1. Colour some modelling paste so it's deep purple (or a colour of your choice) for the body of your wizard. Split it in to two so you have a larger amount for the body and a smaller amount for the arms. For the body, roll your modelling paste into a sausage shape, making it slightly wider at the bottom.
  2. Brush a small amount of petal glue onto your cake card and stick the wizard's body onto the card.
  3. Using your bone tool, create an indentation in the top of your wizard's body.
  4. Split the modelling paste for his arms into two balls. Roll your ball into a sausage, leaving one end wider than the other and, using your cone tool, create an indentation in the wider end. Repeat for the second arm.
  5. Roll a small ball with your skin tone modelling paste, then flatten and pinch it at one end to create a tear drop shape for his neck.
  6. Add a small amount of petal glue in the indentation at the top of the body and stick your tear drop at its widest point to the body. Use a piece of dried spaghetti to give your model support by dipping it in your petal glue, then push it through the top of the neck and down through the body until you reach the cake card. Snap it off at the top, leaving a small amount for where you will add the head.
  7. Roll a larger ball from your skin tone modelling paste for the head and mould it into an oval shape.
  8. Apply a bit of pressure with one finger in the middle to give the face more of a 3D effect. Add a small amount of petal glue to the spaghetti sticking out of the model and push the wizard's face onto the body.
  9. Take two smaller skin tone balls, again pinching them into a teardrop shape for the hands. Then using your bone tool, create an indentation and flatten the wider part of both hands.
  10. With your scissors, cut a small triangle from both hands to create a thumb and fingers effect.
  11. Add some petal glue to the indents in the arms and stick the hands in.
  12. Add some more petal glue to one side of each arm and attach them to the wizard's body.
  13. Make a pale purple modelling paste by kneading together some of your dark purple and white modelling paste (enough for a cape and hat). Roll out some of your pale purple modelling paste for the cape.
  14. With your wheel tool, cut a rough triangle shape, but with a flat edge at the top, rather than a point, so you can attach it around the neck.
  15. Add some petal glue to the top of the wizard's back and attach your cape.
  16. With your dresden tool, create a little round mouth for your wizard.
  17. With your white modelling paste, roll out a small amount and use your wheel tool to cut out a beard shape.
  18. Continue using your white modelling paste to make the moustache. Use a very small amount to roll a sausage, cut this in two and pinch both on one side and flatten a little bit.
  19. Use your petal glue to attach the beard and moustache to your wizard, and use your dresden tool to create a hair effect in the moustache.
  20. With a different paintbrush, create blush cheeks using peach petal dust.
  21. Make a little ball nose with your skin tone modelling paste and attach with a small amount of petal glue just above the moustache.
  22. Split the remainder of your pale purple modelling paste in two to create your wizard's hat. Roll out one ball into a circle for the base of your hat and attach with petal glue to the top of his head.
  23. Roll your second ball into a cone shape and pinch the widest part out.
  24. Attach this to the base of the hat with petal glue.
  25. Dip a cocktail stick into liquorice paste colour and carefully add two dots to your wizard's face for his eyes.
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