How to model a Count Dracula topper

Learn how to model a fondant Count Dracula topper for a seriously spook-tacular Halloween themed cake design in this tutorial from Quick and Easy Cake Toppers by Search Press Studio.

Take a bite of this fabulous DIY Count Dracula topper tutorial using fondant (sugarpaste)...

Quick and Easy Cake Toppers

This project is from Quick and Easy Cake Toppers by Search Press Studio, Search Press. This book contains 100 gorgeous decorations to make using sugarpaste, all carefully chosen from Search Press' best-selling 20 to Make series. If you love this project you can get the book from our online shop WITH an automatic 10% off just for being you, PLUS free UK P+P! 

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You will need


  • Small amount of white modelling paste
  • Red food colouring pen
  • 50g (1¾oz) black modelling paste
  • 25g (1oz) red modelling paste


  • Rolling pin
  • 2cm (¾in) heart cutter
  • Dresden tool
  • Small, fine palette knife
  • Smile tool (petal-veining tool or drinking straw)
  • Multi-mould for small hands and pointed ears
  • Food grade kebab stick, barbecue stick or cake pop stick
  • 10cm (4in) circle cutter or template
  • Ruler


Make the white pieces first. Roll out white modelling paste thinly. Cut out one 2cm (¾in) heart and two tiny pointed teeth. Add red food colouring to the points of the teeth.
Make a tiny white carrot for the nose. Stick it on to the face pointing upwards. Press the Dresden tool in to make nostrils. Curve the nose downwards.
Mark the eyes and eyebrows with the end of the small, fine palette knife. Make two tiny black eyes and stick them in place.
Mark the mouth with the smile tool. Attach the teeth by pressing them on to the dampened mouth.
Make two small, white hands and two white ears using the multi-mould.
Keep the white items covered or in a plastic bag to keep them soft until you are ready to stick them on
For the body, use 25g (1oz) of black modelling paste to make a 10cm (4in) long carrot shape. Push the stick in through the pointed end. Push it up as far as it will go without coming out. Reshape if necessary.
Roll between your fingers a short way down from the rounded end to make the neck and shoulders. Pinch the shoulders outwards slightly and flatten the chest.
For the cape, roll out the black and red modelling paste thinly. Cut out a red 10cm (4in) circle and place it on top of the black paste. Roll again to join the layers. Cut again with the 10cm (4in) circle cutter. Cut right angles out as shown (use a large, square cutter or a knife and ruler).
Dampen the back of the neck and body. Lay it on the red side of the cape. Make sure that it sticks to the neck and shoulders. Dampen the edges of the cape to form sleeves. Bring one over the front of the body to the shoulder. Insert a hand under the edge of the cape.
Fold over the other edge of the cape and insert the other hand.
Flick the front edge of the cape back to reveal the red lining.
Stick on the face and ears.
Leave to dry until the cape holds its shape.
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