How to Make Little Blue Flowers

The perfect addition to any whimsical floral spray.

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The perfect addition to any whimsical floral spray.

You will need:



  • blue gel paste
  • Edible Colour Dusts: spring green, ice blue, lilac
  • edible glue
  • small amount of vodka
  • small stamens
  • ¼in aubergine florist tape
  • 26 gauge wire
  • rolling pin
  • sugar shaper or cel tool
  • balling tool
  • scissors
  • pliers and wire cutters
  • paintbrush
  • tweezers


Taking three or four stamens, tape to a 26 gauge wire with aubergine tape. Make a ball of blue paste and work it to a teardrop shape. Using your sugar shaper or cel tool, open up a centre. Using your scissors, cut into six small sections which will become the petals, by thinning it out with a balling tool on a cel pad from back of petal to form the curve and pinching the ends to bring to a point. Insert the stamens and pinch paste at back of the flower into the stamen. You can use a little edible glue to secure it as well.


Using your tweezers, pinch the centre of each petal and the base/ back of the flower to form light grooves. Dust the centre slightly with spring green, then dust outer edges with ice blue and a touch of lilac. Then using the blue mixed with vodka, paint a thin soft line down the centre of each petal with your fine brush.


Taking same light blue paste, roll different sized tear drop shaped balls of paste onto your 26 gauge wire, and pinch it with your tweezers to form random grooves. Colour tip and base with blue and lilac. You need quite a few per bunch so tape them to a 20 gauge wire previously taped.


Then add the flowers to the buds, about ten per bunch but it's up to you how big you want the bunch.

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