10 Minutes with...Jade from Ivy and Stone Cake Design

Officially launching her business, Ivy and Stone, in late 2012, Jade quickly excelled in the world of decorating, finding her passion for wedding cakes.

27th Apr 2017

Officially launching her business, Ivy and Stone, in late 2012, Jade quickly excelled in the world of decorating, finding her passion for couture wedding cakes after apprenticing under a world renowned cake designer based in Sydney

When did you first start decorating cakes? I started decorating cakes in 2012 at the age of 18. I took a gap year after school as I wasn’t yet decided on my career path and that’s when I fell into making cakes.. and I haven’t looked back! Why? I can’t say it was ever a conscious choice to make it my full time career. I’m just very blessed that it all worked out! In saying that though, I grew up with an interest in baking - my first memory is of making brownies at the age of 4 and I would do this almost every weekend! Towards the end of school I LOVED watching cake boss, I just never thought it was a viable career option. Thankfully I was wrong! Where did you learn your cake decorating skills? I was lucky enough to work in a cake supply shop with a number of talented cake decorators who imparted their wisdom upon me. I also researched and watched plenty of Youtube videos to learn techniques. Then after about a year of decorating I was lucky enough to work with the one and only Faye Cahill, where I refined my existing skills, was taught new ones and learnt invaluable lessons in efficiency! How would you sum up your style? My style is quite clean and refined, whilst also incorporating a contemporary design aesthetic. How would you describe your day to day life as a cake decorator? Very long hours and little sleep haha! I’m very fortunate to be able to work full time on improving my brand, yet as a result of this I work 7 days a week in one way or another – often a minimum of 12 hours. Whether I’m actually making the cakes, catching up on emails or designing new ones! It is a high stress job, especially when working on wedding cakes, but I honestly enjoy every little minute of the decorating process – despite the fact some designs need an incredible amount of time and patience! Which one of your cakes is your favourite? Almost any hand painted fondant cake is my favourite – I just love the process of painting so much!! My recent favourites would have to be either the painted geometric + semi-naked cake I made for my cousins wedding, or the black watercolour monstera leaf cake I made for my birthday! What’s your design process? If I’m not given a specific design by my client, then I often try to draw inspiration from the event colour palette, invitation or any other design element that is part of the event. I quite often use Pinterest as a source of inspiration too – I can get stuck on there for hours! What are your top three cake decorating essentials?
  • Spatula
  • Rolling pin
  • Fondant smoothers (without these there would be no sharp edges!).
Where do you get your inspiration from? I am quite inspired by various artworks, textures and just day to day things I see in the world. I quite often think “how can I translate that onto a cake?!” What are your top tips for a beginner?
  • My top tips would be to map out what it is you want from your business and then work hard and set realistic goals that will get you there! Despite what most think, running your own cake business is a super stressful and the work hours are super long/irregular. However, if it is something you are passionate about, then focus that love into the job and turn it into something you are proud of!
  • Also, expect to fail! It happens often and it leads to improvement and efficiency! I have failed (and still do) many times and as cliché as it sounds, each experience has taught me something (even if it’s just realising I don’t want to make that particular style anymore).
What are you plans for the future?
  • As of right now, I have a lot of people interested in classes, so I think in person classes as well as online tutorials are something I’ll aim to start running in the not too distant future. Teaching internationally is something I’ve thought about too, so perhaps that’s something I will do too! Hiring an employee to help spread my work load would be amazing too.
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