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Known for her witty and whimsical quote biscuits that have taken the Instagram world by storm, Lady Bakewell-Park - or just Becky - is a Suffolk-based independent baking business.

27th Apr 2018

Known for her witty and whimsical quote biscuits that have taken the Instagram world by storm, Lady Bakewell-Park - or just Becky - is a Suffolk-based independent baking business. With her goods predominantly sold online, Lady Bakewell-Park (LDP) sells her beautiful creations through her website, and Not On The High Street, and she kindly took some time out of her day to talk us about all things biscuits, baking, and running an indie biz.  

Hello Becky! Let’s start at the beginning. How did Lady Bakewell-Park originate?

LBP began as a blog before I was married, had a baby, and whilst I still lived in London. The name was created from my favourite bake: the Bakewell Tart, and from the park we lived opposite: Victoria Park! I was charting my baking adventures on the blog to encourage me to try new things, and it turned out that actually, I wasn’t that bad at the baking thing. The biscuits were a happy accident as it turns out, when I began using them to post my favourite lyrics on Instagram. They became really popular and so I added them to the LBP repertoire. Now, they are what I am known most for and more or less, all I end up baking! An average week would see me bake, decorate and dispatch a few hundred biscuits(?!) depending on whether I have a corporate order on or if it’s just internet/ website orders.

How would you sum up your baking style?

I’d say my baking style is very precise and methodical. I’m a bit (read : very much) a perfectionist, and if the biscuits don’t look quite right, they go in the “reject” pile quite quickly! Lady Bakewell-Park interview

When it comes to the baking aspect of the business, Becky works out of the Suffolk Food Hall. Do you enjoy working from here, and has it helped your business in any way?

The Suffolk Food Hall is my home from home and I love it. My parents live just up the road - I grew up in the same area and went to school just nearby - so it all feels very familiar. It’s a great place to be situated, and I love working in a kitchen that has fishbowl windows; the public can wander by and see what I’m doing, and some even pop their head in and tell me they follow me on Instagram or such. It’s a great way to work and I love how it makes me feel part of the community which, as a small business, is really important to me.  

We LOVE your Instagram page - especially the quote biscuits. Where did the inspiration for creating those come from?

The inspiration for the quote biscuits - lyrics predominantly - is just because I adore music. I can not work without it, I can’t really go through my day without it, and I always find that:  if in doubt, use a song to describe how you’re feeling. Aside from biscuits, what do you enjoy baking? Do you even get to bake much for pleasure any more?! I don’t really bake much for pleasure anymore, no. When I managed to secure the commercial kitchen at The Suffolk Food Hall, I moved all my baking equipment - and ingredients - out of the house. So we barely ever bake at home! I still love baking Bakewell Tarts (in my favoured petites fours size) and Battenburg’s too, both of which are available to buy on the website. Lady Bakewell-Park interview  

You’re quite open on your social media channels and blog about near enough every facet of your life - but how do you balance baking, running a business and being a mother?

Erm, I don’t think I do…! Every day is a challenge when it comes to running a business, being a mum, being a  wife, being a friend, being X, Y and Z! I sort of hope that along the way, I’m doing one of those things alright! It’s important for me that my daughter sees me trying - and sometimes failing - at these things, because without it, it wouldn’t be realistic. But she knows mummy goes to work, she knows mummy bakes biscuits (which she loves!), and she knows I come and pick her up at 5.30pm on the day she goes to pre-school and I go to the kitchen.

Where would you hope LBP to go in the future? Have you got any exciting plans under your belt, or are you more of a take-it-as-it-comes kind of gal?

Funnily enough, just this week myself and my colleague who works remotely from Somerset (helping me with all the administrative side of running a business) have been talking about daydreaming more - thinking about where the next step should be. We had a set back at the end of last year (which you can read more about on my blog) and it’s taken me a while to find my feet again, but I think I’m ready to start to allow myself to think big, and dream big, once again. Lady Bakewell-Park interview

And we can’t wait to see what Becky does next.

You can find treats from Lady Bakewell-Park on the website, and see what Becky gets up to day-to-day on her Instagram page.

All images are credited to Catherine Frawley at http://borrowed-light.com/.

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