Published On: Tue, Jan 7th, 2020

Le Cordon Bleu’s guide to… last minute desserts

Julie Walsh, Head Pâtisserie Chef at Le Cordon Bleu London, shares her advice on how to make a great dessert even when you’ve left it until the last minute.

Stressed spelt backwards is desserts… but for amazing and stress-free last-minute desserts, it is always useful to use things you may already have at home.

For example, when making a ‘Fruit Fool’ in a glass, use yoghurt and lightly cooked fresh or frozen fruits. You could even use a few store cupboard ingredients you have to hand, such as digestive or ginger biscuits, which you can crush and layer with flavoured whipped cream, or sponge fingers.

Keeping the dessert simple is key, as too many components to a recipe will leave you rushing around your kitchen scrambling to make something that leaves you stressing. Try to find simple recipes with just four or five ingredients.

Don’t always look at the time a recipe book outlines it takes to make – look at the method and read through it before deciding that this is the dessert for you. You may be overwhelmed by a few of the steps or not have the equipment to hand. This a warning sign that it may be a little too advanced, and could leave you rushed off your feet.

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