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20 easy summer recipes to satisfy your tastebuds

Ready for a taste of summer? Check out these 20 easy summer recipes featuring colourful summer fruits and refreshing flavours.

14th Aug 2020

Looking for a taste of summer? Look no further than this roundup of easy summer recipes!

Stuck on what to bake this summer? Have no fear! Here are 20 easy summer recipes (with a few thrown in to test your pastry skills!) for you and the family to try! Whether you can bake or not, we've got you covered with recipes that are suitable for all. So get ready… set... bake!

Summer Berry Panna Cotta from National Trust

panna cotta Fancy something cold? This panna cotta is the perfect chilled dessert for summer, with delicate hints of vanilla and a fruity topping, what’s not to love?

Strawberry Tart from Der Kern by Miele

strawberry tart This classic French recipe is perfect for a gathering with friends or family, with crème patisserie and delicious strawberries to refresh the palate.

Blueberry Loaf from Clarence Court Eggs

blueberry loaf Fancy an afternoon treat with a cup of tea? This blueberry loaf recipe is a perfect way to indulge, with a moist and filling sponge, packed with tasty fruit.

Ice Lolly Biscuits from AO Life

Ice Lolly Biscuits It wouldn't be summer without ice lollies, even in biscuit form! Learn how to make and decorate these fun and colourful ice lolly biscuits – perfect for the kids to get involved with!

Raspberry Almond Bakewells from Lakeland

raspberry almond bakewells Try this yummy bakewell recipe! Perfect for serving at garden gatherings, afternoon teas or with a cup of tea!

Great British Trifle from

Great British trifle Looking for the perfect summer pudding? Look no further! Be the envy of your friends and family with this Great British trifle, perfect for a BBQ or summer gathering!

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes from Baking Mad

Looking for a treat that the whole family will love? Look no further! These fun cupcakes are a perfect dessert option that are super easy to bake!

Royal Victoria Sponge from Baking Mad

royal victoria sponge Go 'royal' and celebrate summer in style with this classic cake from Baking Mad, adorned with meringues and summer fruits.

Little Raspberry and Lime Tarts from Lakeland

Little raspberry and lime tarts Perfect for serving at garden gatherings, afternoon teas or with a cup of tea! These delicious little tarts are easy to make and eat!

Raspberry Ice Cream from Dualit

Raspberry ice cream Need to cool down? Try this scrumptious raspberry ice cream recipe that doesn’t require an ice cream machine or even to be frozen!

Apricot and Passion Fruit Parfait from Bonne Maman

Two bowls of apricot and passion fruit parfait Want a perfect way to start a hot summer’s day? Treat yourself with these delicious fruity parfaits by Bonne Maman!

Raspberry and Strawberry Profiteroles from Seasonal Berries

These raspberry and strawberry profiteroles are a great twist on a classic recipe! Perfect with drizzled chocolate or a fresh berry sauce.

Coconut and Lime Cakes from Lakeland

Coconut and lime cakes These cake bites are really tasty and will leave you wanting more! Ideal for gifting or to simply enjoy as a little sweet treat!

Coffee and Coconut Ice Lollies from Lyons

Ice lollies For all you coffee lovers, why not try these coffee and coconut ice lollies? Made with 100% coffee with a sweet and light texture, it’s a perfect way to cool down during the summer!

Summer Pudding from White Heron Cassis

summer pudding Summer wouldn’t be complete without this British pudding classic! Packed with lots of tasty fruit, this dessert is super easy to make and tasty too!

Strawberry and Cream Crown Cupcakes from Dr. Oetker

crown cupcakes Be the queen of your gathering with these cute fairy crown cupcakes from Dr. Oetker!

Tropical Strudel with Coconut from Baking Heaven

Tropical strudel Why not try a twist on an all-time classic with this tropical strudel?! Packed full of flavour, this pudding will leave you wanting more!

Chocolate and Raspberry Eclairs from Le Cordon Bleu

chocolate and raspberry eclairs Learn from the esteemed Le Cordon Bleu Institute to impress your friends and progress your culinary skills with this chocolate and raspberry éclair recipe. The chocolate raspberry filling provides a fresh fruit flavour that indulges your summer palate, creating a refreshing taste.

Hot Fruity Meringue Soufflés from The Dairy Diary

Celebrate summer with these fruity meringue soufflés, a perfect treat for a summers evening!

Summer Millefogile from Luca's Seasonal Journey by Luca Ciano

Want to test your pastry skills? Try an Italian interpretation of the French classic Millefeuille!

Even more summer recipes

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