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#BoastYourBakes - Amazing Cakes in our 1st Monthly Roundup

We know Instagram is full of beautiful images of fantastic bakes and cakes but every so often we come across one like Julian Angel, who stands out!

26th Oct 2016

We know Instagram is full of beautiful images of fantastic bakes and cakes but every so often we come across one that just stands out in a magical way! Here is our Instagram of the month...

This month we've discovered Julian Angel, columbian baker who opts for a whimsical, botanical style. His account is filled with photos so stunning they might just make you shed a little tear! 

“I like to make outrageous and dramatic cakes charged with feelings, glitter, sparkles, swirls and anything I can imagine,” Ángel told Instagram Blog

Ángel began his baking journey three years ago. After a several attempts over the years and a bad batch of chocolate muffins ― Ángel called them “a disaster” ― he spent six months working on his craft. Now his cakes are arguably too beautiful to eat. So if you struggle creating this look, there is hope yet! To see more of Ángel’s work, follow him on Instagram.

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A photo posted by Julián Ángel ▲ (@historiasdelciervo) on

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