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Chocolate crumpets are the perfect new breakfast treat

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16th Feb 2017

Crumpets have just got together with chocolate and the combination is perfection!

The Knead Bakery have created an real chocolate crumpet, and we can't imagine ever wanting anything else for breakfast. Ever.

Whilst Knead had been rolling out these for almost a year, it was only until the other day that these awesome creations were discovered by BBC Good Food in the Selfridges Food Hall. Knead's scrumptious buttery and chocolate-y innovation contains 70% cocoa chocolate in the mixture, what better way to begin to your day?

Knead bakery in Stoke Newington, North London, has created the original breakfast item and they’re getting a lot of love on Instagram. You can even swap the plain old chocolate version, for one of their special infused versions; Knead have produced a chocolate orange crumpet, as well as a chocolate cinnamon one, too.
We're sure you're already conjuring up ideas for toppings, but Knead suggest coating your choccy crumpet in whipped maple butter, allowing it to melt into the porous little delight and gobbling it up for a truly luxurious afternoon treat. Excuse us whilst we dream on... This story first appeared on Cosmopolitan
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