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Doughnuts Are The New Bouquet of Flowers

16th May 2017

When making a grand romantic gesture or perhaps grovelling after an argument it is common to give your loved ones some flowers. However, you may now want to consider a different route of the more sugary and carb filled kind like a doughnut. Doughflowers are now a thing and people are going absolutely mad for them.The rose shaped doughnuts were created by a Doughnut Plant in New York for US Mothers Day.

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The dough is overlapped to create the effect of rose petals and come in three different flavours - blood orange, strawberry and well, rose.

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They look beautiful and not only do you get a beautiful flower, you also get to eat it afterwards. Now that is our idea of heaven! Although it's hard to top receiving a bunch of doughflowers, our doughnuts with apple sauce and custard offer a delicious substitute whilst you wait!   Original story can be found here.

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