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Get Cake Savvy with SugarSoft

Add a floral finish to your cakes and bakes with SugarSoft from Culpitt!

Image credit: Get Cake Savvy with Culpitt

29th May 2019



Have you ever considered the design opportunities available when using ready-made sugar decorations? There is far more choice than you’d expect and we are super smitten with the SugarSoft® range from Culpitt! You may think this isn’t the way to go but consider this: ready-made flowers can give you fast, consistent, and pretty results saving you time and money. The key? Get creative with them! We had a play around, here at Cake Deocration & Sugarcraft, to see just how versatile this range can be...



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Our first thought on seeing the stunning SugarSoft® range was that it would make a beautiful base wedding tier, without the stress of making endless ruffles! And we were right! The flowers have depth so that you can create designs that include your own florals and foliage which makes them feel a little heavy, but they adhered to a delicious soft royal iced tier with ease. Because they are already firm, they supported each other as we built the roses up around the cake.

Close up roses



Imagine how quickly you could theme a table like this with a box or two of these edible SugarSoft® pansies (we absolutely love these!).

Sugar pansies



We adore botanically correct sugar flowers and the art of creating wired blooms but, we also like a cake to look deliciously edible. SugarSoft® gives you a consistent design that also tastes sweet and has no more bite than the sugarpaste you cover your cakes with, making it really surprisingly good to eat.

More sugar flower



Once you have a play with these ready-made florals you will quickly realise you can save valuable decorating time mixing ready made with your own statement florals. The results are super effective, easy to create and tasty too! We attached the roses onto a soft royal icing, which set firm quickly and tastes amazing!

Royal icing set flowers


These gorgeous roses are soft enough to eat straight from the pack and have a wonderful delicate vanilla flavour, not sickly sugar! You can even get these roses in metallics too!

Metallic roses


Visit your local cake decorating store to see the full range of SugarSoft® cake decorations and please send us photos of how you decorate your cakes with SugarSoft® too!


You can't beat finding new and innovative solutions that save you time, money and energy! For more money-saving hacks, endless inspiration and tutorials fit for beginners and experts alike, pick up your copy of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft magazine today!

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