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Have you tried Photocake?

Read on for our review on the fun new way to personalise your cake - with Photocake!

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10th Apr 2019


Have you tried Photocake®? A brilliant way to add fun to a simple iced cake or naked traybake, we don’t know why we have never thought to personalise a cake with a photo before, but now that we have tried PhotoCake® for ourselves, we will definitely be doing this more often!


Read on for Leeanne's verdict...


computer image of photocake at work




What is PhotoCake®?
The standout feature for me is the incredible image quality not only of the photo I used but also the frame from the extensive library of patterns, frames, designs and personalisations you can choose from. PhotoCake® is an edible printer service that is easy to use, gives really clear results and has a vast collection of licensed images and trendy details to choose from. It is also really quick! I visited my local friendly sugarcraft shop, Sugar Daddy’s in St Neots, Cambridgeshire and from arriving and watching my mum’s face (it was her birthday the next day) getting printed with a fab stripy border was under twenty minutes, eighteen of which were spent chatting about the many choices of design available! The ooh’s and aah’s from myself and staff (who are new to this system) was down to the brilliance of the colours and defi nition of the design. I always expected printed icing to look a little blurry but this just isn’t the case, as you can see from my printed image here.


Trend Alert!
“Personalising gifts and cakes is a trend that is here to stay, and PhotoCake® is a simple and low cost way to personalise cakes with images and messages. The prints aren’t just for the top of the cake, you can have gorgeous trims to wrap around your cakes too!”


Where and how do I get it?
Visit to find you nearest service. I was thrilled to see my local sugarcraft shop but there are shops growing in number, up and down the country.


Can I be a PhotoCake® stockist?
Absolutely! If you have a sugarcraft shop or cake business, this is bound to be an asset that pays for itself in super quick time. Your clients will have another reason to visit you in person (they come for your expert advice of course) instead of shopping online, and it would be brilliant for corporate orders as the quality is so impressive. The software is very easy to use even if you aren’t particularly computer savvy. My local shop has only just got theirs and they navigated the library and the options with ease. You can have a no obligation demo from the dedicated team, so do visit to have a chat.


How easy is it to apply?
The printed icing sheet is on backing paper that peels really easily. I was in a hurry and had to trim mine to fi t a simple traybake. I used a scalpel and ruler and it cut beautifully without dragging. I actually think it would be great on a strengthened circle of paste on a skewer for a personalised pop eff ect on a drip cake!


Is it value for money?
With an RRP of £5.99 per print, this is a bargain! Just think, no more trawling the internet for design options, resizing prints or having to add lots of decorations to make up for poor prints. One printed icing sheet from PhotoCake® is the only decoration a good cake needs to be a great personalised cake!



1. It's UNIQUE – NO OTHER EDIBLE IMAGING SYSTEM can offer what PhotoCake® can.

2. Supported by a UK wide PhotoCake® Marketing campaign, designed to inspire and drive customers to your business.

3. Specially formulated PhotoCake® sugar paper media that creates vibrant imagery.

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4. PhotoCake® Edible Ink cartridge range – others just don’t come close to our vivid colours.

5. Licensed Image library – don’t break the law, our images are all licensed and approved from Universal Warner Bros, Nintendo.

6. Software that is easy to use and can create fantastic images, frames, fonts.

7. Regular Updates.

8. Cleaning Kits – to ensure your printing system stays in tip top condition.

9. Dedicated UK PhotoCake® team answering all of your questions and training you and your staff.

10. System comes with a 2 year warranty


How does it work?

Visit your nearest supplier.

Visit your local shop

Email your photo and choose a design (Siobhan at Sugar Daddy's was a real help!)

Choose your design step 2

Watch in delight as it prints!

Watch it print step 3

Grab any other essentials and pay (lovely Ann at Sugar Daddy's!)

Payfor your cake step 4

Add a sugar flower, candle, any accessories you like... et voilà!

finished cake step 5


Head over to Culpitt today to find your nearest stockist and get printing! 


Photocake promo poster

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