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Ideas for baking and cake decorating this spring 

Need baking and cake decorating ideas for spring? Look no further! The Craft Company is here with a wealth of tasty inspiration, so let's get crackin'!

1st Feb 2022

Spring is a time for new beginnings, so if you haven’t managed to do as much baking and cake decorating as you would’ve liked this year, now is the time to start! To make things easier, The Craft Company has provided some inspiration for you with plenty of spring-related baking ideas. There's always so much happening around this time of year, with each special occasion providing you with a great excuse to get your tools out and create something delicious! 

Bake some springtime delights 

Spring is a season of vibrancy and colour which can be reflected in your baking, and more specifically how you decorate your cakes and cupcakes. Among the spring themes you can include are colourful flowering plants, along with the bees and butterflies they attract. Here are some ideas on how you can bake some spring-related treats which the whole family will love...

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Make some bee-utiful cupcakes & cakes this spring 

There are few more telling signs that spring has arrived than the noticeable influx of busy bees. If you want to BEE inspired by our hard-working friends, then why not make these Bee-utiful cupcakes (is that enough puns for now?!)? These cupcakes feature Bee & Daisy Sugar Decorations and are baked in honeycomb baking cases.  

Cupcakes with frosting and bees on top

It’s not just everyday cupcakes which these bee decorations can be used for either. They can also be incorporated within spring-themed cakes, including for special occasions like weddings, gender reveal – ‘What will they bee?’ and birthdays.  

For a more sophisticated result, why not use a hexagon cutter to create your own honeycomb pattern using a good quality sugarpaste? Or you can use this Katy Sue Continuous Honeycomb and Bees Sugarcraft Mould to create an amazing cake. The bees could even be used separately as part of other spring-inspired baking projects too. Introduce a touch of glitz and glamour by adding some 24 Carat Gold Leaf for a more chic take on the bee theme, like on this gorgeous spring wedding cake. 

Bee theme cake with gold leaf

Floral spring cakes  

If you've noticed flowers beginning to bloom then this is another tell-tale sign that spring is most certainly here. Floral cakes are popular for lots of occasions, including weddings, christenings and birthdays, and they also tie in perfectly with the season of spring.  

Buttercream flowers cake and cupcakes

Making a cake with a ‘spring garden’ theme can bring several elements together in perfect harmony. With a cake like this, we recommend you create the floral aspect by colouring buttercream icing with a gel or oil-based colour, like one of the 14 colours available in the new Sugarflair range. Top the icing with Sugarsoft Assorted Butterflies and real fruit for a truly stunning spring cake.  

Buttercream-decorated cake

Instead of creating the floral design yourself with icing, you could always buy handmade, edible flowers like these Sugarsoft Roses for an impressive, quick and easy solution. These beautiful roses are a convenient way to create a floral spring cake, saving you plenty of time and effort.  

cutting into a decorated cupcake with a fork

Obviously, we can’t talk about floral designs without mentioning spring wedding cakes here too. You can find loads of inspiration in wedding cake designs to apply to any spring celebration, even if you’re not getting married. If you don’t enjoy modelling flowers yourself, among the many options you have when choosing a floral theme are White Peony Cake Topper Decorations and also these adjustable Flower Crowns, both of which can be decorated with food colourings of your choice.  

Flower crowns

Baking during Easter 

The Easter holidays present a great opportunity for you to enjoy some baking, and with the kids off school, you could even get them to help you in the kitchen! Take a look at some of these baking ideas and impress your family and friends with some delicious cakes and treats this Easter. 

Easter party cupcakes 

Make Easter that little bit more special this year by baking some cupcakes. In keeping with an Easter theme, if you’re having a party with lots of kids, these cupcakes can be decorated with Chick Rings and White Daisy Rings. If you'd prefer edible decorations, these Chick, Egg and Rabbit sugar decorations are a great choice. 

Spring and Easter cupcakes

Bake an Easter carrot cake 

Let’s face it, Easter Sunday is just not the same without a lovely cake to enjoy and baking one yourself will make the day even more special. Carrot cake is a real favourite all-year-round and Easter provides the perfect excuse to dust off the recipe books and make this old classic again. You can decorate your Easter carrot cake with these Carrot Sugar Decorations.  

Carrot cake with carrot decorations

Make Easter eggs & chocolate bunnies 

Why go to the shops to buy your Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies this year when you can make and decorate them yourself? This would be a great way of getting the kids involved in kitchen activities too. For the Easter eggs you can use this Cake Star Easter Egg Mould and for the chocolate rabbits, choose this Cake Star Chocolate Bunny Mould. You can add some real style to these chocolate eggs with some edible decorations.  

Egg mould

Baking for Mother’s Day 

Spring is certainly a season which offers plenty of reasons to do some baking, with Mother’s Day undoubtedly being one of them. Whether you're baking for your own mum, yourself or maybe a combination of both, here are some ideas for you to consider... 

Make a cake with a message 

Mother’s Day is obviously the perfect opportunity to show your mum how much you appreciate her for all she does for you throughout the year, and there are few better ways to express your gratitude than baking a cake with a message.  

You could write your very own message to your mum using cutters or hand piping. Alternatively, instantly decorate your Mother’s Day cake with a more general message with this I Love Mum Gumpaste Plaque – this is an especially good option for those of us that love the bake, but aren’t so keen on decorating! 

Three decorated cakes

If you'd like to add even more decorative elements to your Mother’s Day Cake then, of course, floral decorations are an obvious choice. You have plenty of options if you wish to incorporate a floral theme including these Pink Flower Cake Sugar Decorations and these Wild Roses Sugar Cake Decorations.  

Mother’s Day cupcakes 

Cupcakes have featured heavily throughout this article and making them for Mother’s Day is another great idea. Baking your cupcakes in these Baked with Love Patchwork Cupcake Cases and topping the cupcakes themselves with these Small Edible Wafer Butterfly Toppers fits perfectly within a Mother’s Day theme.  

Wafer butterfly cupcake 

We hope you have fun trying some of these baking and decorating ideas this spring.  

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