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Lightsaber Churros Become Disneyland Favourite

15th May 2017

Churros are a delicious cinnamon coated pastry dipped in chocolate. They are often found in Spanish and Mexican restaurants but now you can find them at Disneyland California. Disneyland have decided to do their own version of these doughy treats. They have a little twist and are served as an ode to the Jedi's and Sith's from the Star Wars films.
Although these lightsabers don't have the same powers as the real version they are certainly just as appealing. These glitzy Churros can be found outside of the Star Tours ride and come coated in either red or blue sugar. Not only do they come in different colours, but they are decorated with edible glitter and stars!

Give yourself to the dark side. It is the only way... And by dark side I mean churros. Give yourself to churros it is the only way.

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If you can't hold on long enough to make the trip to Disneyland, why not try making some Churros of your own with our yummy recipe.   You can find the original story on
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