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Prosecco Flavoured Cupcake Frosting Exists

22nd May 2017

There's nothing we love more at Food Heaven than a classy afternoon tea with some yummy cake and refreshing glass of prosecco.

We are now delighted to say that you can buy Prosecco flavoured frosting in Lakeland. This frosting is just what we need to fill cakes, pipe on to cupcakes or smother over the top of biscuits. Cake has never been so classy! If Prosecco isn't your drink of choice then Lakeland also offer ready to use Gin and Tonic frosting too, to jazz up your bakes! [caption id="attachment_13831" align="aligncenter" width="325"]Gin and Tonic Frosting Gin and Tonic Frosting: Lakeland[/caption] However, don't get too excited - the frosting is alcohol free. Try out our Pimms Cupcakes topped with Prosecco frosting instead of the orange frosting we have used.  

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