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Reader's Cake Decoration Projects - Week 7

22nd Jul 2016

This week has been hot and sunny but our days are still brighter when you send in your cake decoration projects. Lego, pugs and erm, brains...

Cool lego cake Isabel's Sweet House! The colourful bricks are spot on!


Topsy turvey 1st birthday cake inspired by Tulli and the Cuddlies by The Cake Tin Kitchen


All the stems & ribbon are completely edible, love this idea of the cupcakes as the flowers in a bouquet from Cake7

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Pretty Little Dreams created this gold, white and black cake for her cousins wedding.


60th birthday cake from The Cake Days


So wonderfully weird, amazing and creative, this cake was made by Chloe Terzic!


We all love pugs, don't deny it. Sarah Andrews made for her son's birthday last week!

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