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The Cruffin (Croissant-Muffin) has landed in the UK!

London bakery Foxcroft & Ginger launched the UK’s first Cruffin on 6 March 2015 - we present to you the Croissant-Muffin.

19th Mar 2015

London bakery Foxcroft & Ginger launched the UK’s first Cruffin on 6 March 2015 - we present to you the Croissant-Muffin. Following on from our Mash Up feature in the Spring issue of Baking Heaven, we reckon these Cruffins are the next mash-up you might fall in love with.  What could be better than mixing two of your favourite mouthwatering delights, creating one super innovative creation? We've had Duffins (doughnut-muffins) and Brookies (brownie-cookies) and now you can marvel at the wonder that is the Cruffin from Foxcroft and Ginger. Lovingly made with a secret artisan recipe for sourdough croissants, hand folded and baked into a muffin shape, allowing for plenty of space inside for delicious fillings. They are then dusted with cinnamon sugar, and are designed to be crunchy on the outside and divinely gooey on the inside! You can choose from flavours like chocolate ganache, a house-made 'Snickers' with nuts and caramel, custard, custard and raisin and custard and jam. Foxcroft & Ginger, Custard Cruffin sliced Foxcroft and Ginger is run by couple duo Quintin and Georgina, who spent over ten years launching successful restaurants before taking the plunge starting up their own business. Their aim is to create a place where you can simply relax and enjoy great tasting food.  Pick up your Cruffins from Foxcroft and Ginger's bakeries and cafes in Whitechapel (see map below), and Soho, plus Old Street Underground Station from April 2015.
Foxcroft & Ginger

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