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The Easy Halloween Cakes Guaranteed to Scare your Guests this Spooky Season!

Check out seven spook-tacular Halloween cake ideas to raise your decorating from the dead!

Image credit: The Easy Halloween Cakes Guaranteed to Scare your Guests this Spooky Season!

8th Oct 2019

Wanting a total refresh on your spooky Halloween cake decorations this year? With the scariest season just around the corner, it’s time to learn how to make easy Halloween cakes that are truly boo-tiful! So whether you’re looking for Halloween cake decorating ideas that are terrifyingly complex or simple Halloween cakes to make with the kids, Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft magazine have got your back! 

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Perfect Pumpkins

Spooky Scenes

Gorgeous Gothic


Magical Modelling

Zombie Apocalypse

Sugar Skull



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Perfect Pumpkins


Perfect Pumpkins

These Mr & Mrs Jack-O-Lantern toppers are a fabulously fun take on Halloween cake decorating! Perfect as centrepieces, cake toppers for a Halloween party cake or even *gasp* a Halloween wedding cake! These surprisingly simple Halloween cake decorations are sure to be the centre of attention!

You will need

Edible glue
Chestnut gel colour
Pink sparkle lustre dust
Baby blue petal dust
150g black sugarpaste
200g orange sugarpaste
50g green sugarpaste
50g white sugarpaste
20g ice blue sugarpaste
20g pink sugarpaste
Lustre dusts: sparkle blue, yellow light, turquoise, glamour pink sparkle, black pearl

Rolling pin
Soft tip silicone tool
Five petal cutter
Heart-shaped cutter
Round nozzle
14m dummy Styrofoam
2 Styrofoam balls

1 Cover the dummy: roll the black sugarpaste and cover the Styrofoam dummy.

Perfect Pumpkin step 1

2 Cut all the excess with the scalpel.

Perfect Pumpkin step 2

3 Brush some edible glue on the Styrofoam balls to help the sugarpaste stick to it. Roll the orange sugarpaste.

Perfect Pumpkin step 3

4 Cover the balls.

Perfect Pumpkin step 4

5 Use the silicone point tool and mark meridian lines from the upper part of the ball to the bottom. Try to keep the spaces between the lines as equal as possible.

Perfect Pumpkin step 5

6 For the tendril, make a snake out of the brown sugarpaste, make it narrow on one end, and then turn it slightly on itself.

Perfect Pumpkin step 6

7 Cut the tendril and attach to the head of the pumpkins with a little edible glue.

Perfect Pumpkin step 7

8 For the bride pumpkin eyes. roll a thin leaf of white sugarpaste and cut the flower. With the scalpel separate the leaves into five tear drops. Roll a thin leaf of ice blue sugarpaste and black sugarpaste, cut four small circles out of the ice blue paste for the irises, and four smaller circles of black for pupils. Apply the black circle onto the ice blue one. Place the eyeball on the white tear drop and glue.

Perfect Pumpkin step 8

9 Add a tiny white dot out of sugarpaste, if there is any excess, cut with a scalpel.

Perfect Pumpkin step 9

10 Eyeliner: Create a thin snake from black magic sugarpaste, make a pointy end to it and attach it to the face, the pointed part close to the nose. Cut the side that is close to the ear with the scalpel, at a 45° angle.

Perfect Pumpkin step 10

11 To create the groom pumpkin eyes, repeat stages 8-10, but instead of a teardrop shape, cut the pointy part to look more masculine.

Perfect Pumpkin step 11

12 Nose: make a tiny ellipse out of orange sugarpaste and attach to the centre of the face.

Perfect Pumpkin step 12

13 Lips: roll a small piece of pink sugarpaste, cover it with a nylon bag and cut a heart shape. The nylon on the sugarpaste will give a round clean cut. Attach it to the bride.

Perfect Pumpkin step 13

14 The hat: roll black sugarpaste and cut a 4cm circle. Make a 2cm thick black snake, cut a 4cm piece of it and attach it to the middle of the circle.

Perfect Pumpkin step 15

15 Papillion: roll a little bit of black sugarpaste, cut two heart shapes and add a small black ball at the centre.

Perfect Pumpkin step 15

16 Add the papillon and the hat to the groom with the edible glue.

Perfect Pumpkin step 16

17 More tendrils – make snakes out of the green sugarpaste, make it narrow on both sides, and then turn it slightly on itself.

Perfect Pumpkin step 17

18 Add as many tendrils as you like.

Perfect Pumpkin step 18

19 Veil: roll white sugarpaste very thinly, cut a rectangle and pinch the top. Attach the veil to the bride.

Perfect Pumpkin step 19

20 Highlight the pumpkins with pink lustre dust at the cheeks, green lustre dusts on the tendrils, ice blue lustre dust as an eyeshadow, black pearl for the hat and brown lustre dust for the stalk.

Perfect Pumpkin step 20

21 Place the happy couple on a cake of your choice!

Perfect Pumpkin step 22


Spooky Scenes


Airbrush spooky sunset cake

Are you an airbrush expert? Or perhaps you’ve only just picked up your airbrush for the first time. Have no fear (well, maybe some fear… it is Halloween after all!), for we’ve got a gorgeous Spooky Sunset Halloween Cake to both impress and distress your guests! If you’re looking to work on your cake painting and modelling skills, this is the tutorial for you. 


Gorgeous Gothic

Gothic Borgia cake

If you’re a bit of a history nut and want to work that into your Halloween cake decorating, then this is the design for you! Charlotte White’s Gothic Borgia Cake is a gorgeous centrepiece for those looking to throw a sophisticated and elegant Halloween party. Learn how to create a realistic crushed velvet effect AND all about the legendary poisonous family from Renaissance Rome!



Glow in the dark cake

This is another great one to do with the kids, teaching them how to use natural ingredients to create an incredibly effective yet super simple Halloween cake! The spooky effect produced by the Hungry Witch Glow-in-the-Dark Cake will have children and adults alike ‘ooh’ing and ‘aah’ing at any Halloween party you bring this creepy creation to - simply switch out the lights and let the secret ingredient do all the work! 


Magical Modelling

Halloween cake witch on broom

Halloween cake ideas don’t all have to be creepy and kooky, they can be chic as well! Just like Zoe Smith’s Spooky Witch tutorial! If you love making models for your cakes then this is the easy halloween cake decorating idea for you! Grab the October 2018 issue of CD&S magazine to learn how to create this wondrous witch! 

We won’t leave you totally hanging though don’t worry - here’s how to create the perfect witch’s hat and broom to get your started.

Make A Witch’s Broom

You will need:
20g white modelling paste
Modelling paste colouring: dark brown, honey gold
1 x wooden skewer
Cerart tool: 304
Edible glue

1 Take 10g of white modelling paste and colour dark brown. Split into two sections. Roll each into a long sausage and cut down the centre but not all the way through. Break a skewer in two. Run a little glue down the centre of the paste, place each skewer into the paste leaving 2cm clear and smooth paste along the join.

Halloween cake broom modelling step 1

2 Shape one end as shown.

Halloween cake broom modelling step 2

3 Colour 10g of the white modelling paste honey gold. Shape into a carrot shape. Pinch in at one end, as shown and smooth the other end to a point.

Halloween cake broom modelling step 3

4 Use the 304 tool to make straw markings.

Halloween cake broom modelling step 4

5 Attach the two elements together. Ta-da! A wonderful witch’s broom to sweep your guests off of their feet. 

Halloween cake broom modelling step 5


Make A Witch’s Hat

You will need:
40g black modelling paste
8cm circle cutter
Edible glue

1 Take 40g of black modelling paste and halve it. Make a cone with one half and pinch it to a point.

Halloween cake hat modelling step 1

2 Roll out the other half and cut out an 8cm circle. Attach the cone to the circle and, as if by magic, you have a witch’s hat!

Halloween cake hat modelling step 2

Learning the techniques to model a simple witch’s hat and broom for Halloween really is a gift that keeps on giving! From fun cupcake toppers to making a giant cake shaped like a hat, you don’t always need a model underneath to make this Halloween cake idea shine. 


Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie cake

NOW that’s what we call terrifying! This super spooky Halloween cake combines intricate modelling and clever colour blending to create a hair-raising scary design! This cake would make an excellent Halloween centrepiece at a large party, with its realistic living dead zombie topper making adults and children alike have to look twice to check if it’s real! Learn how to make fear in fondant right HERE


Sugar Skull

Sugar skull toppers

The traditional calavera, or sugar skull, originates with the Mexican Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration. Famous for their bright and colourful designs, sugar skulls have become really popular more recently in Halloween cake decoration. What’s fabulous about these is they’re incredibly versatile, so you can follow an exact colour scheme or make it up yourself! You don’t need a huge amount of edibles and equipment for these either and we’ve even got sugar skull templates for you to download and print at home - Get your free sugar skull template right HERE! Use this to practice your patterns before you get decorating for real!

You will need:

White modelling and flower paste
Black modelling and flower paste
Edible glue
Food colouring gels
Rainbow Dust double ended edible pens: Black, Gold, Blue, Red, Pink, Green

Cutting mat
Rolling pin
Small paint brush
Small blossom plunger
Extra small blossom plunger
FMM skull and crossbones 2 cutter set

1 Roll out black paste to about 3mm thick and cut out six circles.

Sugar skull step 1

2 Take 50g of white paste and roll it out thinly on a surface covered with cornflour.

Sugar skull step 2

3 Cut out two big skull and crossbones and four small ones, adding more cornflour to the top of the paste if they get stuck.

Sugar skull step 3

4 Use a scalpel to carefully cut the bones off of each skull and tidy any ragged edges.

Sugar skull step 4

5 Use edible glue to stick the skulls to four of the black discs and leave to one side to dry.

Sugar skull step 5

6 Use white paste and a variety of food colouring gels to create different coloured pastes. Roll out each of the coloured pastes and cut four small blossoms out from each colour.

Sugar skull step 6

7 Use the end of a paintbrush or ball tool to indent the centre of each one.

Sugar skull step 7

8 Roll a tiny sausage of each colour and use a scalpel to cut four equal pieces off and then roll them into tiny balls.

Sugar skull step 8

9 Use a tiny amount of edible glue to attach the balls to the centre of the blossoms, pairing contrasting colours.

Sugar skull step 9

10 Use edible pens to draw colourful designs on each skull, using the thin end of the black to outline each colour.

Sugar skull step 10

11 Use the skull cutters to cut out skull mouths and stick them into the skulls.

Sugar skull step 11

12 With the thin end of the black edible pen, draw on and outline the teeth on each skull.

Sugar skull step 12

13 Use the extra small blossom cutter to make flower eyes for the small skulls. Attach with glue and indent the centres.

Sugar skull step 13

14 Repeat with the small blossom cutter and the large skulls.

Sugar skull step 14

15 Add contrasting centres to the flower eyes and then attach the flowers to the small skull toppers with edible glue.

Sugar skull step 15

Ideal as cupcake or biscuit toppers, you can always go all out and print out a large version of the template and create one giant calavera topper for the top of your Halloween cake. So bright, so beautiful, so effective! 



If that’s still not enough Halloween cake ideas for you, be sure to check out our collection of The Six Spookiest (And Tastiest!) Halloween Cupcakes In Town! Not only do kids love a good cupcake or fun cake pop, these easy Halloween cakes are ideal for creating with the kids as well! With messy monsters, terrifying towers, ghoulish ghosts are more, these spooky Halloween cupcake ideas will keep you creating for many Halloweens to come!

For more seasonal ideas as well as totally on trend designs, beginner to expert techniques and advice and inspiration from the experts, be sure to get the latest issue of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft magazine!


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